CPE Guidelines

HFMA National is an approved National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) sponsor. As an approved sponsor, HFMA National can award Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit for programs they fully design, develop and administer in compliance with NASBA standards. HFMA National cannot award CPE for programs offered by others such as HFMA chapters or other professional organizations. Questions about becoming a NASBA sponsor or NASBA requirements should be directed to NASBA.

Note: Programs that may not be CPE eligible may be eligible toward HFMA certification maintenance for contact hours/education points when self reported. Get more information about HFMA certification maintenance. 

Chapters wanting to offer CPE credit to CPAs who participate in chapter educational programs are responsible for receiving approval to do so and should contact NASBA or their state board of accountancy as soon as possible to learn fully of the requirements. To award CPE credits for an education program, the sponsoring organization must be an approved NASBA sponsor and fulfill NASBA’s current requirements. If an HFMA chapter cosponsors an educational program with another chapter, both state boards of accountancy should be consulted in advance of the program. Questions about becoming a NASBA sponsor or NASBA requirements should be directed to NASBA.

The following guidelines also may be helpful in planning and promoting an education event. While these reflect some of NASBA’s requirements, meeting the following does not necessarily mean the program is CPE eligible.

  • Program promotional materials must provide potential attendees with enough information in advance of the program to decide if the program will meet their needs, including program objectives, prerequisites and level, among other things.
  • The program should contribute to participants’ professional competence and relate to their job expectations.
  • Stated program objectives should specify the level of knowledge participants should have attained or the level of competency they should be able to demonstrate upon completing the program.
  • Education and/or experience prerequisites for the program should be stated. Identifying the audience that is appropriate for the educational opportunity helps accomplish this.
  • Experts in the subject matter should work with experts in instructional design to define the program content and develop the program materials. Program planners should select faculty with appropriate content expertise and presentation skills. Program planners and faculty should ensure time allocated for the presentation is appropriate for the size of the audience and allows adequate time for audience participation and interaction. Program planners also should ensure that the room size and physical arrangements are appropriate for the group size and conducive to learning.
  • The program activities, materials, and method of delivery must be current, technically accurate, and effectively designed. The program planner should review content with the faculty to ensure that information and accompanying handouts are timely and accurate. Also, programs should be reviewed objectively to ensure that quality standards are met. Reviewing content with other qualified program planners or content specialists helps refine and focus information.
  • All educational programs should give participants an opportunity to evaluate the program and faculty effectiveness, and this information should be shared with the faculty and program planners. This information should be used to improve the quality of future offerings of a given programAdditional NASBA guidelines and requirements for approved NASBA sponsors, including the process of awarding CPE certificates, can be obtained from NASBA.

For information on how to contact your state board of accountancy, how to become and approved NASBA sponsor, and NASBA sponsor requirements, visit www.nasbaregistry.org or contact NASBA at (866) 627-6286 or [email protected].

For assistance or inquiries, email the Volunteer Experience Team