Cvent Resources

OnArrival general information and OnArrival check-in app – Learn more about OnArrival and the check-in features, session tracking/access control, and payment processing.

Everything eMarketing – Access complete training materials for designing emails, compiling lists, setting up campaigns, and more.

Purchase or rent an Event in a Box instead – Use this article if you prefer to have Cvent support print event badges. HFMA has an existing OnArrival-Premium software license, which all chapters will be able to utilize. HFMA has negotiated a discount for hardware rental and purchase options. Visit and enter the discount code HFMATAKE10 for a 10% discount. Please make sure to enter HFMILUS001 as your account number, when completing the transaction.

The Help and Support area of Cvent’s website has an extensive library of training videos and a knowledge base where you can search for articles. On the Help and Support page you can access forum groups or click on one of the icons on the right side of the page to open a case (24-hour turn around), chat live with Cvent customer support, or call a customer service representative for time-sensitive issues.

The Cvent customer support number is (866) 318-4357.

For assistance or inquiries, email the Volunteer Experience Team