Program Chair Job Description

Chapter Education Responsibilities

Position description

The Education Program Chair plans and coordinates the development, delivery and evaluation of chapter education events. In this capacity, the Program Chair is responsible for working to develop the annual program budget, manage chapter-programming delivery, monitor program quality, manage member satisfaction with programs, and manage all speaker communications. In addition, the Program Chair is responsible for planning and implementing on-site meeting management for chapter education events.


Manage Chapter Education Program Budget

Responsible for monitoring all expenses related to developing and implementing chapter programs.

Manage Chapter Education Programming

Work closely with Chapter leadership and HFMA National to keep abreast of HFMA member needs through program evaluation feedback, government regulations and current trends in the industry.  Evaluate and review current membership statistics and satisfaction surveys to identify both current and potential market segments to be served.

Manage Chapter Education Quality

Establish program objectives and expected outcomes.  Communicate quality expectations to program speakers and oversee the quality in the development of content and delivery of presentations.  Closely monitor program evaluations.  Discuss problem areas with speakers to ensure quality control of future chapter educational programs. 

Manage Chapter Education Speaker Communications

Establish and maintain professional relationships with speakers from obtaining the initial agreement to present a program through communicating program objectives and quality standards, presentation requirements, delivery expectations and follow-up evaluation. 

Manage Chapter Education Marketing

Communicate with presenters to develop marketing copy and work to provide those assisting with marketing all needed materials. Monitor marketing activities for response and ensure programs have effective presence in chapter communications.     

Manage Aftermarket Products

Responsible for any after-event products

Manage Chapter Member Satisfaction

Responsible for member satisfaction with assigned products.  Monitor evaluations, speak to members who are unhappy about the product to understand what the chapter could do better or clarify and resolve a misunderstanding on the part of the member.  Obtain input from non-participants about potential alternative delivery methods, topics, and venues that might increase attendance and interest.

Onsite Meeting Management

Responsible for traveling to chapter education programs to implement programs i.e., assist with meeting room assignments, handout distribution, registrations, CPE sign-in and sign-out, audio-visual coordination for faculty, faculty support and any other related onsite functions.

Post-Meeting Responsibilities

Responsible for reconciling all invoices to budget and tracking all accruals related to chapter education meetings; ensuring prompt payment of invoices; submitting requested site-evaluation and financial performance evaluation to chapter leadership.

For assistance or inquiries, email the Chapter Relations Team or call (800) 252-4362.