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Greetings from your newly crowned el Presidente – Kelly Akkerman!  I am so nervous but excited to continue my HFMA commitment as your leader for the 2021-2022 Chapter year.

First off I’d like to thank Marya Marvin for her leadership in what was anything but a smooth journey last year.  Covid reared its ugly head on many occasions and forced all of us to change direction, but with Marya guidance we had it out basically unscathed!  Thanks Marya for all that you’ve done for MT HFMA and what you will continue to do as Past President. 

A little about me:  I am old!  Or at least I feel old after all of the changes and things that went on last year!  I’ve been in healthcare since I joined a dental office as Office Manager in 1991 – gee that makes it 30 years!  Oh my goodness!  In 1995 I changed jobs and went to the local hospital as Patient Accounts Manage.  Day one was building a new Meditech system and my first question in the implementation meeting when they were talking about “claims” – I brilliantly asked – “What are UB and 1500’s?”  Right then they knew they hired a genius! 

Flash forward to 2000 still at that same hospital, I was asked to transfer to the Human Resources department as Employment Coordinator.  I stayed in HR for 9 years and then was summoned back to the “dark side” as they called it to PFS.  Also between 2005 and 2010 I opened a ladies clothing store with Merle Norman cosmetics and worked it full-time and my hospital gig part-time!  5 long years!

2010 – 2012 went back to PFS until I gave notice to MOVE TO MONTANA?  Yes, that is what everyone said!  I started at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital January 14, 2013 as Patient Advocate and then was promoted to Patient Financial Services Director under the leadership of past HFMA President – Donja Erdman.

I really thought moving from a PPS hospital to a dinky Critical Access Hospital in Hamilton MT was going to be a walk in the park – WRONG!  As I’ve told Donja and others – “I’ve never worked so hard!” 

Ok enough about me and how about what’s coming up for HFMA:  How about a Fall Conference IN PERSON??  Does that appeal to anyone?  I know it appeals to me and the rest of the board and we are determined to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

It’s the 75 anniversary of our wonderful organization and it’s going to be a GREAT One!  

Kelly Akkerman, MT HFMA President

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