Montana Leadership

Our Chapter leaders are here to serve the members. If you have any suggestions to improve our services, would like to participate on a Committee or have an idea for educational programs or social events please feel free to contact any of the Chapter Officers, Board Members or Committee Chairpersons. Your input matters….we look forward to hearing from you.


Trish Wagner

Bill Robinson

Kristen Gilfeather
Vice President

Akvilina Rieger

Carla Neiman

Shawna Talles
Immediate Past President


Tiffany Bradeen

Bryan Chalmers

Elizabeth Saylor

Marci Mollman

Amber Farnworth

Fred Binczewski

Kailyn Rowe

Duane Preshinger
MHA Liason

2024-2025 Chairs/Co-Chairs/Members

Education (Conference Planning)Kristen Gilfeather
Bill Robinson
Elizabeth Saylor, Trish Wagner, Tesa Topley, Carla Neiman, Tiffany Bradeen, Amber Farnworth, Shawna Talles, Marci Mollman, Fred Binczewski, Angela Bryn, Akvilina Rieger
Business Partner (Sponsorship)Shawna Talles
Carla Neiman
Provider/Member Engagement & MentoringBryan Chalmers
Akvilina Rieger
Shawna Talles, Marci Mollman, Trish Wagner, Carla Neiman, Tiffany Bradeen, Amber Farnworth, Tesa Topley
Financial ReviewCarla Neiman
Bill Robinson
Laurie Pierce
NominatingShawna Talles
Kelly Akkerman
Elizabeth Saylor
BylawsFred BinczewskiBill Robinson
Communications & TechnologyTiffany Bradeen
Shawna Talles
Akvilina Rieger, Marci Mollman,
Amber Farnworth, Elizabeth Saylor, Cassi Arndt
CertificationAmber FarnworthTesa Topley, Angela Bryn
Networking/Social AwarenessMarci Mollman, Tiffany BradeenMark Nash, Marci Mollman, Brett Foster, Carla Neiman, Tiffany Bradeen, Shawna Talles, Marya Marvin, Fred Binczewski, Joel Onsager, Tesa Topley, Stephanie Wayman, Laurie Pierce
Founders/LinkKailyn RoweScott Nelson, Kristen Gilfeather

Past President

Shawna Talles2023-2024
Tesa Topley2022-2023
Kelly Akkerman2021-2022
Marya Marvin 2020-2021
Marci Mollman 2019-2020 
Carla Neiman 2018-2019 
Marci Mollman 2016-2018 
Dawna Foote 2015-2016
Mark Nash 2014-2015
Shar Sheaffer 2013-2014
Scott Thorn 2012-2013
Don Miller 2011-2012
Donja Erdman 2010-2011
Steve Scharmann 2009-2010
Tina Montgomery 2008-2009
J.J. Carmody 2007-2008
Deb Green 2006-2007
Kathy Schmock 2005-2006
Judy Lunceford 2004-2005
Steve Ballock 2003-2004
Bob Olsen 2002-2003
Mark A. Cross 2001-2002
Paul E Pederson 2000-2001
Mark Petesch 1999-2000
David Richhart 1998-1999
Joel Lankford 1997-1998
Jane Maule 1996-1997
David Richhart 1995-1996
Charles Schindele 1994-1995
Gordon Davidson 1993-1994
Jim Alderson 1992-1993
Sherry Abel 1991-1992
Gordon Davidson 1990-1991
Barry Kenfield 1989-1990
Lee Roath 1988-1989
Wayne Dunn 1987-1988
Lee Roath 1988-1989
Wayne Dunn 1987-1988
James Paquette 1986-1987
Mike Wagner 1985-1986
Loren Jacobson 1984-1985
Rick Poese 1983-1984
Gary Beaudean 1982-1983
Tom Habets 1981-1982
Daryll Evans 1980-1981
Jim Shelton 1979-1980
Tim Timmons 1978-1979
Dennis Chandler 1977-1978
James R. Adams 1976-1977
Terry Screnar 1975-1976
Dan Lesh 1973-1974
Ronald Fisher 1972-1973
Ralph Aylstock 1971-1972
Dan Homza 1970-1971
Sr. Willeen Wiegel 1969-1970
Dennis Mracheck 1968-1969
Robert Shanno 1967-1968
James R. Adams 1965-1966
Ronald Purdum 1961-1962
George F. Pendergraft 1959-1960
William Leary 1958
Sr. Frances Eileen 1957


* Graham L Davis Award Year

** John L. Steigle Silver Award Year

*** Charles F. Mehler Gold Award Year