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President’s Welcome

Welcome to  San Diego Imperial Chapter!

Of the many timeless Darwinian quotes, the one that resonates with me is, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the more intelligent, but the ones most adaptable to change.”

We in healthcare, are seasoned at handling its complexity and evolution, but with one critical master strategy. ‘Building a bench!’ So aptly, we, at The San Diego Imperial chapter, echo the theme for our 2022-2023 year as ‘Building “Our” Bench’. Building bench strength requires investing in people and providing them with the skills and knowledge to learn, grow and develop. A bench is not only in the literal sense with the people who comprise of deeply committed minds to steer through the times, but also metaphorically, adding to a legacy of thought leadership.

A rousing sense of sharing a common goal and an organic commitment to paint a brighter future. Our theme is fitting compliment to the national theme ‘Ignite the Spark’. In the words of our national chair Aaron Crane “we need to improve our value and transform into a cost-effective, world-class example of sustainable population health”. He encourages us to “identify those things that keep our own organization from being as healthy and thriving as we were meant to be”. His challenge to us is “to take the next step-igniting the spark that sets the fire to bring about necessary change and innovation”. ..and it begins with building upon an already solid bench. So, that is where your San Diego Imperial chapter comes in. We are your team of volunteers made up of professionals from hospitals, health systems, physician practices and business partners dedicated to providing our membership the education, and opportunities to build your bench. We remain committed to providing new experiences and knowledge through networking, collaboration, innovation and creative thinking.

Beyond the exciting litany of engagements we have planned this year, beyond the learnings and growth this chapter will bring to you, we, as the bench, look forward to meeting you at the metaphoric bench, joining us in igniting the spark! Here’s to building our bench together!

Director, System Patient Revenue Cycle UC San Diego Health
2022-2023 President, HFMA San Diego-Imperial Chapter

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