About Empire New York Chapter

In the healthcare finance landscape, the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) plays a vital role in bringing together professionals to share knowledge, insights, and industry best practices. As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance member value and engagement, a significant transformation took place in 2022: the creation of the HFMA Empire NY Chapter.

This restructuring originated from discussions held during the HFMA Leadership Training Conference (LTC) in Orlando, FL, in 2021. Key stakeholders involved in these conversations included:

  • Barbara Piascik, Region 2 Executive
  • Sarah Brainard, President-Elect of HFMA Hudson Valley
  • Joe Favata, President-Elect of HFMA Western New York
  • Tim Hammond, President-Elect of HFMA Central New York
  • Adam Leonello, President-Elect of HFMA North Eastern New York

These leaders identified a number of challenges faced by the individual chapters, including difficulties with volunteerism, member participation, and a stretched operational structure. This was largely due to the smaller geographic scope of each chapter, which limited the resources and opportunities available to members.

In response to these issues, the leadership team proposed a comprehensive solution: the merger of the four individual chapters into a larger, more encompassing chapter. This new chapter, they believed, would better serve its constituents by offering increased opportunities for volunteerism, engagement, education, and networking.

The proposed benefits to members included:

  • More volunteering resources: A larger member base would enable more hands-on involvement in various initiatives and projects.
  • Enhanced engagement: With a wider network of professionals, members would have more avenues for interaction, discussion, and collaboration.
  • Improved education: The merged chapter would have the capacity to offer a broader range of educational resources and events.
  • Expanded networking: The larger chapter would connect members to a more extensive network of vendors, sponsors, and healthcare finance professionals across New York.

After careful planning and coordination, the transformation was completed in October 2022, resulting in the birth of the HFMA Empire NY Chapter. This newly formed chapter represents an exciting evolution in the state’s healthcare finance community, promising to deliver a more robust and enriched membership experience. It embodies the shared vision of its leadership and commitment to serving its members better by leveraging the strengths of the individual chapters and addressing their previous limitations.

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