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My Fellow Members of the Western PA Chapter of HFMA,

Welcome to the new HFMA year! 

Our new Officers are in place and we are beginning planning for the new year. 

  • President – Rich Nagy, FHFMA
  • President Elect – Mark Schneider
  • Secretary – Pat McKenna CRCR
  • Treasurer – Dan Bucci
  • Immediate Past President – Kevin Dadey
  • Past Past President – Jack Lynn

Board Members include:

  • John Bartolini
  • Rick Fries, FHMFA
  • Lynn Matusik
  • Ryan Thomas
  • Rachel Verville


  • Certification Committee – Mike Garcxynski
  • Communications Committee – Ryan Thompson
  • Cvent Chair – Pat McKenna
  • DCMS – Rich Nagy
  • Early Careerist Committee- Ben Cochran and Dan Simmons
  • Membership Committee – Nick Campano,
  • Founders Award Committee – Mike Garczynski
  • Program Committee – Paul Horton, Kevin Dadey, Mark Schneider, Rick Fries, Rachel Verville, Rich Nagy
  • Sponsorship Committee – John Bartolini, Jeff Petrell

Still open are Link and Volunteer Committees. 

Please welcome our new Officers, board and Committee members!! More volunteers are needed for the coming year.  Please reach out to myself or any other member of the leadership team if you are interested. 

I would like to say thank you to Denis Lukes who has served on our board and as an active member for many years. So many thanks to Denis for his years of service as Link Chair and the Chapter liaison with the Healthcare Association.  I would also like to give a special thanks to Kevin Dadey who has been very active in the Chapter and will continue to be so as Past President!  Thank you Kevin for all your help and support.

It’s going to be another transitional year.  COVID 19 has made and continues to make providing services to our members difficult.  We are planning both virtual and live meetings for the next six months and hope to be back on live meetings or some sort of hybrid after that.  Hopefully we will not see the spike in COVID cases here in Western PA that some of the rest of the country is experiencing.  We would also like to do more social events this year if possible, such as, another event with NorthEastern Ohio HFMA, our annual Christmas Party, Women’s Wine Event and March Madness event in the spring.

We are starting the year a little slower than in the past as well, trying to take every precaution to keep everyone safe and healthy.  We have already had our first live event, our joint event with the Healthcare Association on CMS Rule Changes 17th of September at the Pittsburgh Marriott North.  The event was well attended and we took every precaution to spread people out.   Our next event is the PA Healthcare Assembly joint event on October 15th.  It is a virtual event.  Please sign up early. 

We also have five (5) on demand Webinars that members can sign up for.  Please watch for our Western PA HFMA communications that are sent out every two weeks from our Communications Chair.  Looking forward to seeing you in person or virtually in the near future.

This is also a big year for the chapter.  With Enterprise memberships the chapter has grown to over 2,000 members.  In order to serve everyone better we will be sending out surveys to target the educational needs of the membership.  We are here to provide education to existing and new members and we have some challenges ahead.  Please take the time to do the survey if you haven’t already and help the Chapter provide the education you want and need.

Thanks everyone for your continued support.


Rich Nagy, FHFMA
Chapter President

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