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Welcome to the Western Pennsylvania Chapter HFMA page.  My name is Mark Schneider and I am very excited to be the Chapter’s President for the 2022/2023 fiscal year.  This is the culmination of exactly 30 years (really?!?!) of HFMA membership and healthcare experience for me.  I’m not able to adequately express or quantify the impact of HFMA on my professional career.  Participation has provided me countless opportunities to network and connect to lifelong mentors, colleagues, and friends; programs and educational opportunities to maintain HFMA and CPA certifications; easy ability to obtain advanced educational certifications and credentials – in my case Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) and Fellow of the HFMA (FHFMA); and, of course, progression in the Chapter leadership to this position.  I’m really excited for the upcoming year and hopefully a “hard reboot” of what everyone wishes is the end of a horrible pandemic, which has curtailed activities throughout the world and, therefore, for this Chapter.  Fingers crossed!

For those who don’t know me, I have over 22 years of experience as a financial executive at several Western Pennsylvania hospitals and health systems.  Two years ago, I accepted an opportunity to serve as Controller for a large health system in the southern United States.  This scenario, which has me working 2/3 of the month in the south and 1/3 of the month remotely from my Western Pennsylvania home, epitomizes modern day business, where location of work has become irrelevant due to technology – and, recently, more fully-embraced in the business world because of the pandemic and associated “stay at home” orders and social distancing protocols.  What this means is that I can honor the commitment I made to the Western Pennsylvania HFMA Chapter when I began the officer rotation a handful of years ago, given my permanent residence here and unwavering, vested interest in Western Pennsylvania healthcare.  I am humbled that my fellow Western Pennsylvania HFMA Officers and Board Members recognize my ongoing commitment to Western Pennsylvania by allowing me to be Chapter President while working in the south.  I hope to see all of you at Chapter events when I’m in town.

Enough about just me….  Our new Officers are in place and we are beginning planning for the upcoming year in conjunction with our Board Members and Committees

Officers include:

  • President – Mark Schneider, CPA, CHFP, FHFMA
  • President Elect – Pat McKenna CRCR
  • Secretary – Ryan Thompson
  • Treasurer – Dan Bucci
  • Immediate Past President – Rich Nagy, FHFMA
  • Past, Past President – Kevin Dadey

Board Members include:

  • John Bartolini
  • Nick Campano
  • Rick Fries, FHMFA
  • Rachel Verville

Committee Chair/Co-Chairs:

  • Certification Committee – Rich Nagy/ Rick Fries
  • Communications Committee – Ryan Thompson/ John Bartolini
  • Early Careerist/ Community Engagement Committee – John Bartolini/ Early Careerists
  • Founders Award Committee – Rich Nagy/ Rick Fries
  • Membership Committee – Rachel Verville
  • Program Committee – Kevin Dadey/ Pat McKenna
  • Sponsorship Committee – Nick Campano/ Mike Garczynski

Please welcome our new Officers and Board/Committee members.

I wish to personally thank outgoing President, Rich Nagy, who has been very active and committed to the Chapter since relocating to Western Pennsylvania several years ago and bringing his many years of HFMA leadership experience with him for our benefit. Rich will continue to be very involved in the Chapter as Past President and in Region 3 in his path to Regional Executive. 

Everyone is fatigued by the frequent use of the word “unprecedented” to describe the last few years of the pandemic.  Yet, there is probably no better descriptive word.  Here’s hoping for a “new precedent” of activity in YOUR Western Pennsylvania HFMA Chapter. Please reach out to me or any other member of the leadership team if you are interested in becoming more involved. We always have the need for more volunteers.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mark D Schneider, CPA, CHFP, FHFMA
2022/2023 Chapter President


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