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About our chapter

The Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association is a professional membership organization for individuals in financial management of healthcare institutions and related patient organizations.

The Healthcare Financial Management Association of Western Pennsylvania was founded in 1946 with the mission to lead financial management of healthcare within the Western Pennsylvania region. Originally founded as two independent chapter, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Chapter and the Northwestern Pennsylvania chapter brought local leadership in Erie and Pittsburgh to the organization while educating members and building relationships.  Over the years, the qualities and services of both chapters complemented each other and the two organizations were merged.  Vincent J. Fassio, Past President of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Chapter, and Tom A. Elliot, Past President of the Northwest chapter, created a successful transition. On March 1st, 1988, the national office approved the Western Pennsyvania Chapter bylaws, and the two chapters officially merged.  The best leaders of healthcare finance in each area were brought together to combine skills and knowledge.  These professionals built the foundation of the Western Pennsylvania Chapter’s success today.

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Mailing Address

ATTN: Dan Bucci
Monongahela Valley Hospital, Inc.
1163 Country Club Road
Monongahela, PA 15063

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Phone: 304.634.7785
Email: [email protected]

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