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To our members:

As I mentioned in my last letter to you, things are “subject to change.”

And change they have – and rather dramatically. 

The omicron variant has spread exponentially and filled up our hospital beds at a pace that I truly believe no one could have forecasted even a month ago.

I sit writing this to you in a hospital which is now using spaces we haven’t opened in more than 12 years and we still do not have enough room for all our patients.  Bob Lally (former chapter president), Amanda Powell (one of my team members), and myself spent part of New Year’s Eve helping with patient transport.  I’m signed up to be a “go-fer” tomorrow in the ER of another one of my hospitals.  Certainly, none of our primary responsibilities, but we all need to pitch in during this crisis as best possible.

To that end, we are suspending in-person educational meetings for the near future. 

We will still have the HSCRC Workshop, albeit virtually.  We hope to bring you the essential education that makes this event popular in a similar format as we provided last year.

We will also explore having our HFMA National Chair, Tammie L. Jackson, FHFMA, MHA visit us in early May.  I am personally very disappointed we can not have Tammie with us in-person at the start of February, but the safety of our members comes first.

Please be on the lookout for registration for both events in our Monday mailers.

We do have some events in the works for March (Women in Leadership) and April (Diversity, Health Equity, and Population Health) along with others.  We will reassess where we stand in a month to see how we want to proceed with these events.

This is certainly not the way I wanted to start 2022.  My hope is in the next few weeks we will see this steep curve from this latest variant flatten and eventually drop.

Until then, please stay safe and thanks for your continuing support of our chapter.  Please keep all our frontline workers (especially healthcare) in your thoughts and prayers.

Linker Mills, FHFMA, CRCR, CSBI
2021-2022 Maryland Chapter President

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