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At approximately 1,500 members and growing, the Maryland Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (MD HFMA) is a volunteer organization made up of healthcare professionals serving our members by providing the best value in high quality education with purposefully affordable pricing.  In addition to direct education, we offer the opportunity for our diverse members to build strong relationships with their peers in the healthcare finance industry.  MD HFMA prides ourselves on being good stewards of the money invested by our members and the organizations which employ our members.  Our diverse educational topics are designed to provide overall professional development as well as expand specific skillsets required to be successful in healthcare finance.  We serve both the individual and the organization that entrusts their investment of time and money in MD HFMA.  As a member of our national HFMA, the Maryland Chapter is specifically focused on serving our members who live or work in Maryland.  We also work collaboratively with our HFMA Region and National officers and chapters.  If you are not yet a member and considering the investment, please know that MD HFMA’s goal is to train our members to be more confident and knowledgeable in their healthcare finance roles.

Statement of Diversity

MD HFMA drives diversity.  Individual differences are viewed as vital to the growth and success of MD HFMA and its members.  In principle and in practice, whether ethnic, racial, age, gender, or other differences, MD HFMA works to reflect the backgrounds and perspectives of the citizens of Maryland.

Contact HFMA Maryland

Mailing Address: 6820 Deerpath Road, Elkridge, Maryland, 21075

Email Address: [email protected]


MD HFMA will facilitate experiences – both in-person and digitally – that support educational and relationship development across all providers, payers, regulatory bodies, vendors/consultants, and other stakeholders across our state.


To be an essential resource in healthcare finance while building strong connections and careers for our members that positively impact care delivery in our state.


  • Striving for innovative ways to bring value to our members
  • Understanding healthcare is a local, regional, and national industry
  • Collaboration between providers, payers, regulatory bodies, vendors/consultants, and other stakeholders
  • Celebration of inclusivity and openness to ensure diversity
  • Excellence in professional education
  • Service to our communities
  • Stewardship of our member and sponsor resources

Maryland Chapter Founding Charter Members, Award Recipients and Past Presidents

HFMA is a membership-driven organization.  It’s the members who are really involved . . . who make the suggestions . . . who determine the direction of HFMA.  In a personal membership association like HFMA, involvement and participation is absolutely vital.

The Founders Award program is a personal incentive program designed to encourage, monitor, and recognize individual involvement in HFMA.  The program provides an equitable way to translate activities into points.  Over time, it will measure member involvement.  In other words, you can look at a collected number of points to determine how active an individual member is in HFMA. 

Some activities which the Founders Award program measures include committee involvement, serving as an officer, presenting a program to the chapter, participating in a panel presentation, writing newsletter articles and mentoring a new member!

The program features four different and sequential levels of awards… the Follmer Bronze Award. . .  the Reeves Silver Award . . . the Muncie Gold Award . . .  and the Founders Medal of Honor.  The  minimum amount of time for earning any of the awards is three years . . . and quite often, it’s more like 5 to 10 years.  Therefore, the time it takes to win all four awards takes from 12 to 20 years, often spanning an entire career! 

View Maryland Chapter Founding Charter Members, Award Recipients and Past Presidents

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