Tennessee Leadership

2022-2023 Tennessee Board of Directors

Rodney Adams, MMHC
Board Chair
Tennessee Hospital Association

Katie Tarr, CVA, FHFMA


Chase Wunder
President Elect

Wakefield and Associates

Justin Thepthongsay


Kathryn Topper, MBA


Middle District Vice President

Kraft Healthcare Consulting

Misty Brackett, FACHE, FHFMA, RHIA, CHC
East District Vice President

Erlanger Health System

Clint Jones
West District Vice President


Mark Cameron
Leadership Development


Katie Reid
Certification; CPE Coordinator

Quorum Health Corporation

Katie Johnson


Chad Preston
Programs & Education


Adam Blackwell
Member Services

Government Data Services

Merle Glasgow
Community Engagement/Scholarship


Michael Waite

Revco Solutions

Buffy Loveday, CRCR


Nancy Lawson
Founders Points

Franklin Service, Inc.


2021-2022 Board of Directors

Buffy Loveday, CRCR


Rodney Adams, MMHC

Tennessee Hospital Association

Katie Tarr, CVA, FHFMA
President Elect


Misty Brackett, FACHE, FHFMA, RHIA, CHC

Erlanger Health System

Kathryn Topper, MBA


Clint Jones
West District Vice President


Middle District Vice President

Kraft Healthcare Consulting

Chase Wunder
East District Vice President

Wakefield and Associates

Strategic Committees

Chair: Katie Reid

Objective:  Promote the benefits of National Certification via the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP), Fellow Healthcare Financial Management Association (FHFMA), Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR), and Certified Technical Specialist (CTS) programs.

Responsibilities:  Promote and encourage eligible members to become certified. Serve as the point of contact for information regarding National Certification. Provide Chapter resources to aid members in obtaining study materials. Organize Certification Coaching for National Certification to chapter members.

Chair: Mark Cameron

Goals:  This Committee is responsible for developing leadership within the membership. The Committee’s plan should include increased involvement and mentoring in order to support the introduction and on-going advancement of members into Chapter leaders.


  • Informally or formally survey membership for interest in leadership positions by September 1 of each year.

  • Encourage and support other Committee Chairs to mentor Co-chairs of committees for succession planning.

  • Provide to the Nominating Committee names of individuals who have either expressed interest in leadership positions, or who have demonstrated leadership skills through their involvement in Chapter activities.

  • Find ways to encourage members who desire leadership positions. Promote the various rewards associated with the HFMA leadership experience.

  • Maintain and monitor the STAR committee website sign-up and distribute the listing quarterly to all committee chairs.

  • Maintain a list of members you wish to become involved. Assist with placement of those members who want to become involved in the chapter.

  • Organize, promote and provide (with leadership committee members) an HFMA 101 or membership involvement session in each Region of the State during the Chapter year.

Chair: Adam Blackwell

Co-Chair: Broderick Smith, Matt Wolf

Objective:  Pursue an active plan of recruitment for prospective members and encourage continued membership of current members by assimilating them into the chapter.


  • Actively monitor membership fluctuation throughout the HFMA year and report to the TNHFMA Board.

  • Conducting recruitment and retention programs.

  • Welcoming and assimilating each new member into the TNHFMA.

  • Cooperating with other TNHFMA Committees as necessary to further the mission of the TNHFMA and provide service to the membership.

  • Partnering with the Communications Committee in the preparation, review and publication of the TNHFMA Membership Directory.

Chair: Chad Preston

Co-Chair: Amanda NewellKennon AskewJoshua White

Objective:  Coordinate all Chapter meetings and programs, which include four educational sessions and additional district sessions each year.

Responsibilities:  Coordinate all educational events throughout the year to ensure that they do not conflict with THA, National HFMA and Region V events. Appoint district program committees to work with the District Vice Presidents to develop program schedules and content.

Chair: Katie O’Connor Johnson

Co-Chair: Nicholas McCook

Goals:  This committee is responsible for communicating to existing and prospective members and sponsors. The main goal of the committee is to provide timely communication of current industry happenings and chapter initiatives.


  • Ensure chapter adherence to HFMA brand guidelines and communication standards.

  • Act as a liaison between sponsorship, programs and education, certification, and scholarship committees to promote initiatives.

  • Maintain the chapter website and audit on a monthly basis for updates.

  • Oversee email correspondence to the chapter, including the execution and distribution of the monthly chapter newsletter.

  • Manage social media platforms (including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter + YouTube) and oversee weekly content production.

  • Maintain the Google Drive repository for internal communication and file storage for board and committee members.

Chair: Merle Glasgow

Objective:  Develop, coordinate and administer the Gloria Adams Scholarship fund.

Responsibilities:  Administer scholarship program, as approved by the Board. Review applications for scholarships and distribute funds, as appropriate. Coordinate with Chapter Treasurer to ensure optimum return on deposited funds.

Chair: Michael Waite

Co-Chair: Justin Thepthongsay

Goals: The primary responsibility of this Committee is to coordinate all events related to the solicitation and receipt of funds from Corporate Sponsors. This includes but is not limited to annual corporate sponsorship program, coordinating all activities around sponsorship/exhibitors for chapter sponsored institutes, fundraisers and other chapter sponsor related events and needs.


  • Review the Corporate Sponsorship guidelines and levels of giving. Review Chapter Sponsorship levels, costs, benefits and submit any recommended changes to Chapter Board for approval.
  • Set a budget for Sponsorship revenue.
  • Develop new Corporate Sponsorship website page by March 31st for the next chapter year.
  • Develop a list of potential Corporate Sponsors.
  • Begin contacting all current Corporate Sponsors to renew their sponsorship by March 1st for the next Chapter fiscal year.
  • Maintain a record of contacts and responses.
  • Follow up as needed to receive responses.
  • Require all Corporate Sponsors to have their dues paid by May 31st for the next Chapter year.
  • Send name and email address to the Website committee to keep the sponsorship information current on the TNHFMA website.
  • Send all checks to the Chapter Treasurer on a timely basis.
  • Send exhibitor form to sponsors who are eligible to display at Institutes.
CPE Coordinator

Chair: Lee Ann Burney

Founders Points Coordinator

Chair: Nancy Lawson


Neil Koonce

Past Presidents
Rodney Adams2021-2022
Buffy Loveday2020-2021
Tina Minnick2019-2020
Mike Phillips2018-2019
Guice Smith2017-2018
Carmen Voelz2016-2017
Martha Calfee, CPA2015-2016
David Burchfield, PhD, FHFMA2014-2015
Paul Bolin, CPA, FHFMA2013-2014
Marc Carter2012-2013
Lynn Miller, FHFMA2011-2012
Mark R. Cameron, FHFMA2010-2011
Cynthia A. McBride2009-2010
Jim Beck2008-2009
Deb Warner, CHFP2007-2008
Sherry Stewart2006-2007
Lee Ann F. Burney, FHFMA, CPA2005-2006
David R. Elliott2004-2005
Judith B. Henry, CHFP2003-2004
Cynthia H. Sharp, FHFMA2002-2003
William C. Matheney, FHFMA, CPA       2001-2002
Michael S. Johns, FHFMA, CPA2000-2001
Carolyn Moffitt1999-2000
Neil Koonce1998-1999
Gary Perrizo1997-1998
Gloria Adams1996-1997
Lesa Klepper1995-1996
Janiece Robinson1994-1995
Jeffrey W. Strawn, CPA1993-1994
D. Pace Porter, Jr., FHFMA, CPA1992-1993
James R. Alexander, FHFMA, CPA1991-1992
William Jason1990-1991
Ken Beauchamp1989-1990
Carl B. Allen1988-1989
Bob Buck, CPA1987-1988
Kenneth R. Stephens, CMPA1986-1987
Alice O. Williams, CMPA1985-1986
William D. Ramsey, Jr.1984-1985
Curtis F. Curley, CPA1983-1984
Robert H. Needham1982-1983
Roger H. Kishman, CMPA1981-1982
Othalee L. Tigue1980-1981
Anthony B. Bull, CMPA1979-1980
David M. Joiner1978-1979
Clarence W. Smith1977-1978
Charles Latimer1976-1977
Hugh C. Hodgson1975-1976
Ennis Toone1974-1975
Elza B. Craig, CPA1973-1974
Pink B. Pratt, Jr., CPA1972-1973
Eleanor T. Dougherty, CMPA1971-1972
Sister Mary Placide1970-1971
James E. Davis1969-1970
Donald H. Bauman, CCCE, FAAMA1968-1969
William R. Rice, CMPA1967-1968
James B. Aune, P.A.1966-1967
Hewitt Rogers1965-1966
Robert R. Gregg, FHFMA1964-1965
Paul Hess1963-1964
Fay Lancaster, CMPA1962-1963
Ovalee F. Morris1961-1962
Mary Alice Crockett1960-1961
Howard Miltenbarger1959-1960
William Max Richards1958-1959
Iry E. Lowrey, Jr., FHFMA1957-1958
Clifford L. Gardner1956-1957
Billy Bartley1955-1956
Johnny F. Blend1954-1955
C. Henry Hottum, Jr., CPA, FHFMA1953-1954
Bylaws and Policies

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