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President's Welcome

Welcome to a new chapter year!

The last two years have brought so many changes to our personal and professional lives. We worked from home and transitioned to virtual meetings, minimizing our in-person interaction. While our chapter still hasn’t had an in-person meeting, National LTC and the Annual Conference have both been in person this year so things are definitely looking good for our Winter Institute in January. I can’t wait to see each and every one of you!

A special thanks to Past President Michelle Trowell and her leadership team for keeping the chapter moving forward last year while much of the world around us was standing still. While we have great leadership in place we are looking to strengthen our succession planning process. If you love HFMA and have interest in joining the Board of Directors or Executive team please let one of the current officers know of your interest, Lisa Earl, President-elect, Nick Eichelman, Vice President of Education and J Hopkins, Assistant Education Chair/Secretary.

As we move forward into this chapter year, let’s strive to follow our 2021 National Chair Tammie Jackson’s theme to be Bolder, Brighter, Better.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in January!

Shannon L. Ebenkamp, FHFMA, CPA

2021-22 Chapter President