Southern Illinois Chapter

Greetings Southern Illinois HFMA Members, 

With the new year upon us, I wanted to pause and reflect on the previous year.  Furthermore, express my gratitude and continued thanks to all the front-line workers for the bravery, love and compassion they have shown our communities and loved ones during this difficult time.  

All of us have been impacted by this pandemic.  From juggling work and family, supporting others in their time of need, and at times when we thought this was too much to bear, our resilience set in.  Communities and leaders came together, healthcare was front and center, and front-line workers were the backbone of our economies.  Many things that were once protocol, no longer worked.  We were forced to dig deep, adapt and communicate differently.  From education and childcare, to at home learning, expanding “work” from home, and socializing becoming completely virtual.

During this time, our board explored what the future looks like for Southern Illinois HFMA.  We went beyond our comfort zone, pivoted and brought online education to our members.  Our goal for the new year is to continue to embrace this change and make this part of our ongoing educational offerings.  As well, expand on the success from last year, with collaboration between chapters to bring additional virtual events and bring back In-Person learning.

I am extremely grateful to have such a dedicated group of strong leaders representing our board.  With their leadership behind us, our team is ready to work for you, our members.  It is our commitment to you that we will continue to work hard to help grow our chapter and continuously improve each year.  I’d like to thank our board members for their dedication and countless hours of service.  In addition, a special “Thank You” to Troy Lindsey, for his leadership during this past year and guiding our chapter through this pandemic.  Looking forward to your continued support as Past President!

It is an honor to serve as your Chapter President for the 2021/22 year and on behalf of the Southern Illinois board, we “Thank You”, for your continued support and engagement within SIHFMA.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year and seeing everyone soon!

Jennifer Granados, FHFMA
President – Southern Illinois HFMA


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