Supporting financial health with clinical asset reallocation

Changing patient preferences, shifts in care settings, and increasing financial pressures are forcing health systems to find creative ways to meet their financial goals.

Clinical assets account a quarter of health systems’ capital expenses, presenting an untapped financial lever. TRIMEDX brings unhindered visibility to health systems’ entire clinical  asset inventory and proactively provides actionable recommendations to uncover optimization and cost savings opportunities. Through seamlessly integrated analytics and  technology, devices can be reallocated across the health system to meet care demands and realize significant savings.

In this white paper, health systems will learn:

  • How industry trends are impacting the way health systems should approach capital planning
  • Clinical assets should be considered a strategic source of financial savings
  • Visibility to clinical asset inventory is critical to optimal capital planning
  • Advanced analytics that provide actionable recommendations can uncover savings opportunities
  • Innovative technology can help health systems reallocate clinical assets to match patient demand and drive capital expense savings
  • Capital planning governance based on objective data analysis is key to sustainable, long-term financial success

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