HFM Magazine: August 2019

Malpractice cost analysis shows declines in premiums, paid losses and self-insuranceMalpractice cost analysis shows declines in premiums, paid losses and self-insurance

A study finds that the combined cost of malpractice premiums, paid losses and self-insurance costs for acute care hospitals with a filing available ending between 2013 and 2017 declined over the five-year period.

William Shoemaker August 1, 2019

Provider Risk Readiness Report

The results of a May 2019 HFMA study about risk readiness in which hospital and health system senior financial leaders share insights on their organizations’ risk capabilities and tolerance.

HFMA August 1, 2019

Special Report: Effective use of analytics can help healthcare organizations solve critical challenges

Advances in analytics are powering improvements in electronic health record utilization and clinical documentation improvement.

HFMA August 1, 2019

Payer-provider partnerships focused on improving palliative care in California

Payers and providers in California partnered to significantly improve capacity for services and reduce emergency department visits, thereby improving outcomes.

Emad Rizk, MD August 1, 2019

Payer-provider clinical alignment in Vermont

In Vermont, payer-provider collaboration has led to improved access to primary care, reduced deaths from suicide and drug overdose, decreased ratesof chronic disease and improved chronic disease management.

Emad Rizk, MD August 1, 2019

Price transparency: A new chapter begins

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer offers a perspective on the executive order on price transparency.

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA August 1, 2019

Sources of qualitative data on PAC providers

Health systems require qualitative data when evaluating post-acute care (PAC) providers as potential partners.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA August 1, 2019

Why it is necessary to routinely assess healthcare integration initiatives

Because the perspectives of participants in healthcare integration initiatives can change over time, causing their business and financial needs to move out of alignment, it is important to reassess the integration relationships at regular intervals.

Keith D. Moore, MCP August 1, 2019

Why the call for price transparency is a call for innovation

To navigate and respond to the murky issue of price transparency, hospitals and health systems must innovate.

Jeff Helton,  PHD, FHFMA, CMA, CFE August 1, 2019

Certifications create opportunities at WVU Medicine

HFMA’s Enterprise membership provides organizations with the tools they need to advance their staff and improve performance.

Erika Grotto August 1, 2019
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