HFM Magazine: May 2018

May 2018

HFM Magazine is a respected publication covering all things healthcare finance and revenue cycle. Cover Story From the President’s Desk Video: Denials and the Revenue Cycle David Dyke, former vice president of product management for Change Healthcare, discusses how to reduce denials that disrupt the revenue cycle and how to keep up with changing rules…

HFMA May 31, 2019

Ensuring a High-Performing Referral Network

To be able to ensure patients receive high-quality care under value-base payment arrangements, primary care physicians require well-developed specialty networks for patient referrals.

Clive Fields, MD May 7, 2018

To Succeed at Managing Population Health, Adopt a Health Plan Mindset

To be successful with population health management, healthcare provider organizations should take a lesson from the strategies health plans use to improve the quality of population-level outcomes and performance around costs. 

Allen Miller, MPH May 7, 2018

Value-Based Employee Compensation in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Tying employee compensation directly to performance, rather than experience, can encourage better job performance.

Joe Ryan PT, DPT, MBA, c/NDT May 7, 2018

Optimizing a Health System’s Post-Acute Care Network

Health systems should develop strong networks of post-acute care providers as part of strategic efforts to deliver high-quality service across the care continuum, from wellness to end-of-life care.

Andre Maksimow, MBA May 7, 2018

Pursuing Your Passion: Advice for Healthcare Finance Leaders

Carol Friesen, FHFMA, MPH, reminisces about her experiences as 2017-18 Chair of HFMA and shares ideas and insights gleaned from her “HFMA leadership journey.”

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH April 25, 2018

What Is Driving Total Cost of Care?

A recent study identifies key factors that may be influencing total cost of care in the United States and provides recommendations for addressing those factors.

James H. Landman, JD, PhD April 25, 2018

How Provider-Led ACOs Can Generate Long-Term Savings

Providers with concerns about the elusive success of ACOs should adopt some key strategies for implementation.

Theresa Hush April 25, 2018

Best Practices for Affiliation Agreements Between Health Systems and Universities

A well-structured affiliation agreement between university and health system partners will enable the parties to execute joint strategic priorities and advance the shared goals of the academic medical center.

Chris Collins April 25, 2018

Responding to a Changing Healthcare Environment

Aligning incentives among providers and exploring telehealth opportunities are two ways in which hospitals and health systems can respond and adapt to a changing environment.

Lia Winfield, PhD April 25, 2018
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