HFM Magazine: September 2018

Success in Proactive Denials Management and Prevention

Adopting a few key best practices can help healthcare organizations reduce denials.

Glen Reiner August 29, 2018

4 Steps for Success in a Changing Payment Landscape

The experiences of oncology practices participating in CMMI’s Oncology Care Model offer insight on how physician practices can best adapt their revenue cycle for value-based payment models.

Charles Saunders, MD August 29, 2018

Revenue Cycle Outsourcing Requires Attention to Service Standards and Risk-Based Arrangements

When a healthcare provider chooses to outsource management of its revenue cycle, it should first make sure the arrangement with its vendor partner is well-designed, with clearly defined terms and financial incentives. 

David A. Wofford August 29, 2018

Pivoting Revenue Cycle Efforts to Resolve New Financial Realities

Shifts in payment trends require healthcare organizations to work more effectively with insurers and patients.

Theresa Hush August 29, 2018

HealthTrust: Solving Workforce Management Challenges

Two of HealthTrust’s senior leaders talk about strategies for optimizing the hospital workforce to improve productivity and reduce waste. 

HFMA August 28, 2018

Revenue Integrity in the Pharmacy

Roundtable discussion about the importance of preserving pharmacy revenue integrity and strategies for success.

HFMA August 27, 2018

Key Considerations for Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

A roundtable discussion about the advantages of revenue cycle outsourcing and important considerations for decision making.

HFMA August 24, 2018

New Approaches for Improving the Cost of Care

Data provided by internal and external sources can give healthcare providers valuable insight into areas for cost improvement.

Theresa Hush August 17, 2018

Justifying Expansion of CDI Programs: A Case Study

On hospital’s experience in broadening the focus of its clinical document improvement (CDI) program from just Medicare to all payers shows how healthcare providers can benefit financially from such a change.

Autumn Reiter August 14, 2018
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