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hfm Magazine: March 2017

March 1, 2017 12:34 pm

Cover Story

Starting Small With Population Health Management 
Starting small can help hospitals and health systems prepare to shift to a population health management model. 
By Reema Shah

From the President’s Desk

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Expanding on thoughts in his March 2017 column in hfm, HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer talks about why the value transformation depends on courage in leadership. 


HFMA Video Spotlight

Video: Optimizing Medical Group Revenue Cycle Performance to Meet Physician and Health System Goals     
Emily Alverson, senior director at Huron Consulting Group, discusses key steps in how to optimize medical group revenue cycle performance.  

Early Edition

The New, No-Norm World of Health Care    
With the emergence of provider-owned health plans, accountable care organizations, and “hybrid” organizations, the healthcare industry is proving that the only constant these days is change.
By Joe Van De Graaff

Case Study   
Physician Revenue Cycle Improvements in an Integrated Health System 
Benefis Health System in Great Falls, Mont., undertook a physician revenue cycle initiative with the goals of improving and standardizing the revenue cycle processes of all its physician practices and, ultimately, creating a consistent patient experience.  
By Greg Tierney, MD, Cathy Smith, FHFMA, MS, CIA, CISA, CFE, and Eric Wilberg, MBA, CHFP

Healthcare Matters
Value-Based Payment—from a Different Perspective  
Offering a provider-sponsored health plan offers distinct advantages to a health system for achieving the objectives of value-based care.  
By Kurt J. Wrobel, FSA, MAAA


Building a Value Model for Population Health Management   
A data-driven “value model” can help healthcare organizations plan the scale and pace of investments into population health management in preparation for value-based contracting. 
By Daniel J. Marino, MBA, MHA

Case Study  
Value-Based Compensation for Primary Care: A Success Story 
Bon Secours Virginia Medical Group developed a quality-based bonus program to prepare its primary care physicians for valued-based payment models. 
By David L. Kelly, MD and Scott Rusz, MHA

Incorporating Social Determinants Into Population Health Management    
To be able to consistently deliver high-value care for patients with chronic illnesses, healthcare providers must address the social determinants of health that can affect health quality for such patients. 
By Karen Handmaker, MPP

Beyond the Medicare Annual Well Visit: Maximizing Revenue for Hospital-Owned Practices     
Medicare-covered services may present a new source of revenue for hospital-owned physician practices. 
By Cathy Zito and Joette P. Derricks

Focus Area

Cost and Quality            
Adapting Population Health Strategy in a Changing Environment 
Although the future of healthcare legislation is uncertain, population health management will be foundational to navigating the changing environment. 
By Katherine W. Ziegler, BSN, MHA


From the Chair
Population Health: It’s Personal  
To achieve effective population health management, healthcare providers must engage with patients and empower them to manage their own health. 
By Mary Mirabelli, FHFMA

From the President
Alternative Payment Models: The Courage to Lead 
Healthcare finance leaders are finding the courage to move forward with value-based payment despite the uncertainties of a new administration in Washington, D.C. 
By Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA

Eye on Washington
From “No Plan” to Multiple Plans, but No Consensus to Date

As the Republican-led Congress considers ways to fulfill campaign promises to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, they face practical challenges and a lack of consensus about how to proceed. 
By Gail R. Wilensky, PHD

Healthcare Reform 
The Fate of Value-Based Care with an ACA Repeal 
The move to value-based care may not go forward under Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. 
By Ken Perez


Data Trends 
Hospitals Face Challenges From Medicare Cost and Payment Trends      
An analysis finds that Medicare payments for hospital admissions are declining even as hospitals’ cost per admission is rising, pointing to an increased need for aggressive cost containment efforts by hospitals.


HFMA Executive Roundtable
Engaging with External Partners to Support Value-Based Care

Sponsored by Option Care

HFMA Executive Roundtable 
Voices on Value: Key Insights From Top CFOs

Sponsored by IBM



Business Profile 
Medxcel Facilities Management: Working Smarter to Make Organizations Safer      
Michael Argir, CEO and president of Medxcel Facilities Management, discusses the value and benefits of insourcing facilities-management services. 

Business Profile  
Professional Credit: ‘The New Deal’ Approach to Healthcare Collections is Data-Driven and Consumer-Focused       
Professional Credit’s President Scott Purcell and Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Johnson discuss the value of having a comprehensive and responsive collections partner.



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