Financial Leadership

hfm Magazine: July 2017

June 30, 2017 2:01 pm

Cover Story

Revisiting Productivity as a Basis for Compensating Physicians
When designing a physician compensation model, healthcare organizations should consider market-based alternatives to median compensation per wRVU. 
By Dave Wofford, Maria Hayduk, and Kenneth Robbins, MD

From the President’s Desk

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Expanding on thoughts in his July 2017 column in hfm, HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer reflects upon HFMA’s core values. 

HFMA Video Spotlight

Key Points of Focus for Hospitals: CMS Strategy, Bundled Payment, and Cost of Care    
Larry Goldberg, principal, Larry Goldberg Consulting, takes a look at bundled payments, quality outcomes, and the cost of providing services.

Early Edition

Compensation for Primary Care Physicians at Mayo Clinic Health System
The shift to value in health care has presented challenges that require health systems to rethink their physician compensation models.                                                           

By Jill Lenhart, MD, Richard J. Horecki, MD, Gerald K. Kowal, DO, Henry J. Simpson, MD, Mark E. Deyo-Svendsen, MD, Andrew E. Floren, MD, MPH, and Jeanenne M. Lubinsky, MBA

A Finance Leader’s Guide to Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines
To be able to effectively promote the adoption of evidence-based clinical guidelines, healthcare finance leaders must first clearly understand how the guidelines are created and deployed.
By Joe Guerriero

How Finance Can Play a Pivotal Role in the Transition to MACRA
As a central entity in a healthcare practice, the finance department is in a unique position to review processes and implement improvements as the MACRA transition begins.
By Karen England, MBA, CPC, COC, CPPM

Healthcare Matters 
Physician Partnerships in the Era of ACA Repeal and Replace
Bundled care for the uninsured may presents an effective solution to the looming challenges facing the healthcare industry.
By Jeff Helton, PhD, FHFMA, CMA, CFE

From the Editor 
Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things  
Cybersecurity attacks to our nation’s infrastructure are increasing. The threat to health care has grown along with the life-saving potential that technology creates.   
By Daniel R. Verdon


Understanding and Preventing Physician Burnout   
Physician burnout can have profound adverse consequences for health care, making it important for finance leaders to support actions aimed at promoting physician well-being. 
By Catherine Miller, RN, JD

Case Study
Raising CMI Through a Multidisciplinary Approach in the Community Hospital Setting 
By reducing interhospital transfers for critical care, one hospital was able to increase its case mix index and increase revenue sufficiently to help support a population health initiative. 
By Brian Collins, George Kondylis, MD, Schawan Kunupakaphun, and Pracha P. Eamranond, MD

Five Key Attributes of Leadership 
Success of a healthcare organization depends on the ability of executives and management to motivate employees. 
By Steven B. Reed, FACHE

Focus Area

Healthcare M&A Activity? Beware of Accounting Basis Differences   
Differences in FASB and GASB accounting and reporting rules can be critical considerations for healthcare organizations in evaluating financial fit when looking to merge or affiliate with an organization that is under a different basis of accounting. 
By Brian Conner, CPA

Cost and Quality             
Patient Engagement: A Missing Piece to the Value Puzzle 
Healthcare organizations face a pressing need to meet the needs of the top 5 percent of the population who account for 50 percent of the nation’s healthcare cost. 
By Chad Mulvany, FHFMA and Richard Gundling, FHFMA, CMA 


From the Chair
Collaborate to Innovate: The Choice Is Ours 
With a focus on collaboration and innovation, healthcare finance leaders can make a difference in transforming health care and advancing the health of their communities. 
By Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH

From the President
Pausing to Reflect on What Matters Most  
Although HFMA is undertaking many changes to keep up with the times, the values that set the association apart will never change. 
By Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA

Eye on Washington       
Part B Drugs Revisited—Yet Again   
Payment and pricing for Medicare Part B drugs are subjects of much discussion again following the decision by CMS to withdraw its planned pilot projects for these drugs. 
By Gail R. Wilensky, PhD

Healthcare Reform        
The Price is Not Right: The Unsustainability of the ACA Insurance Marketplaces   
As legislators continue to work toward a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, insurers are leaving the marketplaces.
By Ken Perez

Capital Finance 
Treasury Functions for Strategic Value   
Healthcare leaders can examine the treasury functions that are in play in their organizations and shore up the weak points. 
By Eric A. Jordahl and David Ratliff

Data Trends  
E&M coding levels for hospital EDs, 2013-15    
Hospitals should analyze coding patterns in their use of E&M APC codes and compare them with national coding trends to understand the extent that their coding practices conform with industry norms.   
By William Shoemaker


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