Financial Leadership

hfm Magazine: August 2017

August 1, 2017 2:04 pm

Cover Story

Closing the Price Gap for Commodity Services 
Healthcare leaders looking to be competitive in certain services must carefully consider strategies to lower prices. 
By Jamie Cleverley, MHA

From the President’s Desk

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Expanding on thoughts in his August 2017 column in hfm, HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer discusses the upside of change. 

HFMA Video Spotlight

Video: Healthcare Trends and Technology      
Julie Williamson, PhD, chief growth enabler for Karrikins Group, talks about healthcare trends and technology, as well as the changing roles of women and men in health care.

Early Edition

Plateau Busting: Transforming a CDI Program to Optimize Quality and Revenue 
United Health Services, a not-for-profit health system serving New York, realized substantial benefits by implementing a clinical documentation improvement program. 
By Laura Jacquin, RN, MBA, Tricia Jewson, MHA, RHIA, CHDA, and Michele Palmer, RHIT

Five Lessons Health Systems Can Learn From Intuit 
Increasing patient access to healthcare data can bolster population health management efforts for consumers. 
By Dinesh Sheth

Healthcare Matters
The Abuse and Misuse of Observation Services  
Lack of limitations on observation status has led to confusion and increased expense among patients. 
By Paul Shoemaker

From the Editor 
Public Health Emergencies: Is Health Care Ready to Respond?   
Healthcare organizations that prepare for natural and man-made disasters can help manage the inevitable.
By Daniel R. Verdon


Gamification: A New Tool for Improving the Performance of Healthcare Organizations
Through gamification, healthcare organizations can engage staff in performance improvement efforts by offering them nonmonetary incentives to pursue these efforts in the spirit of a game.
By Brian D. Washburn, MHA, PMP, LSSBB

A Data-Driven Approach to Improving Clinical Care and Reducing Costs
The experiences of two health systems provide insight into how healthcare providers can use advanced data analytics to sustainably improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. 
By Jennie D. Dulac, RN, Robert W. Pryor, MD, and Walter W. Morrissey, MD

Taking Control of Pay-For-Performance Contracts 
To ensure their organizations perform effectively under risk contracts, healthcare finance leaders should implement a work plan to manage the contracts.
By Paul Selivanoff, CPA

Medicare Advantage 2.0: Next Generation Growth Strategies
Healthcare organizations looking to expand their Medicare Advantage programs should look to market data for guidance.
By Cary Badger and Brad Helfand 

Focus Area

Closing Health Care’s Value Gap   
To ensure current and future success, healthcare providers must take deliberate action to bridge the gap between volume-based payment and value-based payment.
By Rulon Stacey, PhD, FACHE

Revenue Cycle             
Financial Leaders Are Key Collaborators in Patient Access Restructuring   
Finance leaders provide critical information and expertise in healthcare organizations that are looking to improve patient access.
By Rik Baier, CMPE


From the Chair
On Being Bold: Inspirations From HFMA’s ANI 
Healthcare finance professionals can take an inspirational lesson on being bold from of healthcare leaders who shared their stories at HFMA’s 2017 ANI in Orlando.
By Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH

From the President
The Upside of Change   
Reframing organizational change can be the key to making change management easier for all concerned.
By Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA

Eye on Washington       
Skyrocketing Prescription Drug Crisis: Action Needed  
Legislative action by Congress is needed to address the problem facing the U.S. healthcare system from cost pressures caused by rising prescription drugs prices.
By Ceci Connolly

How Consolidation Is Changing Healthcare Markets 
Healthcare organizations contemplating opportunities for consolidation can benefit from performing a detailed analysis that considers potential impacts of a variety of possible scenarios.
By Keith D. Moore, MCP and Dean C. Coddington


Business Profile        
Priority Advantage: Helping Organizations Optimize Their Medicare Advantage Plans
Gene Cronin, vice president for Priority Advantage, discusses the value and benefits of working with a top-notch Medicare Advantage service vendor.


HFMA/Change Healthcare: Pre-Authorization and Medical Necessity Opportunities
Change Healthcare and HFMA partnered on a research study that analyzed the state of claims denials in the United States. It focused on understanding providers’ first-pass claim rates, denials occurring from lack of pre-authorization and medical necessity processes, and pain-points that are opportunities for innovation. 


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