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AI and machine learning – an intelligent approach to healthcare fraud prevention

The threat of fraud has only become more prevalent in healthcare as a result of three broad trends: Continued growth in the population of healthcare consumers The increase in care being delivered outside of traditional care settings, such as telehealth Exponential development of resources offering health and wellness services Moreover, as the baby boomer generation…

Ellen Zimiles, JD June 9, 2023

6 actions for physician practices on signing risk-based contracts

Physician practices are continuing to make the move into value-based payment, and for many, such contracts will present a substantial learning curve. 

Clifford Frank, MHSA May 26, 2023

Care guidance offers a solution for addressing healthcare inequities

Access to healthcare is widely viewed among Americans as being a fundamental right. Yet health inequities continue to deprive many people access to high-quality, affordable care. It is incumbent on U.S. health systems to take the lead in addressing this problem.

Tina Graham May 24, 2023

Enterprisewide physician advisor programs are key to improving costs and revenue cycle performance

Making sure physicians understand the financial implications of how they document their care is critical to a health system’s financial sustainability.

James P. Fee, MD, CCS, CCDS April 26, 2023

How to determine appropriate patient status and navigate observation-level care

The financial implications of ensuring appropriate patient status throughout a hospital stay are substantial, so it is in organizations’ interest to enhance the process.

Jeffrey Goode, MD March 16, 2023

Point-of-service collection goes better if the right strategies and tactics are employed

Health systems need to adopt new strategies that will support a positive patient experience and improve collection efforts, all while minimizing the negative impact to patients. 

Stacie M. Johnson, MAEd, CRCR, CSBI March 1, 2023

Hospitals face increased need amid pandemic to improve patient throughput

An acute care hospital cannot begin to be able to deliver cost-effective care if it lacks a fully coordinated approach for moving patients from admission to discharge.

Brooke Balster March 1, 2023

Hospitals require an integrated team approach to ensuring revenue integrity

Hospital and health system finance teams should not view payment audits and denials as being solely their concerns. Instead, these issues require an all-hands-on-deck approach.

Dawn Crump, MA, SSBB, CHC February 28, 2023

Care coordination networks offer path to addressing problems of health inequity

Initiatives to improve access to care and address social determinants of health (SDoH) have been shown to work. To be successful, they need sustained support from all stakeholders within our nation’s healthcare system.

Caitlin L. Murphy, MSPH, February 24, 2023

3 considerations and 8 steps for creating an HaH program 

The prediction that HaH programs would continue to proliferate across our nation’s healthcare system has proven to be on target.b it now seems clear the innovative care model of providing hospital-level care in a patient’s home as a substitute for acute inpatient hospital care is finally getting the attention it deserves from hospital systems. The growing…

M. Orry Jacobs November 28, 2022
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