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January brings a halt to job gains for hospitals and the healthcare industry

January numbers form the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that hospitals and the healthcare industry lost jobs after several months of gains.

Nick Hut February 17, 2021

GAO report highlights the far-reaching impact of rural hospital closures

A new government report highlights the impact of rural hospital closures on communities.

Nick Hut February 4, 2021

TransUnion survey on consumerism: Healthcare consumers want to know the price of a service in advance

Healthcare organizations that have increased availability of price estimates and facilitate clear conversations about the account resolution process anecdotally report improvements in self-pay collections and patient satisfaction, says HFMA's Chad Mulvany.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA January 22, 2021

HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference June 24 and June 26 kicks off six days of virtual education for healthcare finance professionals

Healthcare finance professionals can learn how to weather the COVID-19 storm, leverage the silver linings and look toward a sustainable future during HFMA's multidate virtual event, which kicks off June 24 and June 26.

Deborah Filipek January 22, 2021

Navigating through a pandemic: Digital Annual Conference session to explore how health systems are responding to COVID-19 now and over the long term

A featured session at HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference on July 15 will examine how three health systems are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

Health systems have found ways to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders say

Health systems have overcome the financial tumult of COVID-19 by being nimble, proactive and innovative, according to panelists at HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

HFMA Digital Annual Conference featured session will examine how healthcare providers can employ innovative strategies to grow revenue

Healthcare providers that think creatively and synergistically can overcome the daunting financial challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and find exciting opportunities for growth.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

Digital Annual Conference featured session will provide insight on applying behavioral economics to drive patient engagement

The field of behavioral economics offers key insights for healthcare stakeholders, including how to promote positive patient behaviors.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

How one provider organization uses data reporting and analytics to transform healthcare operations

As part of HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference, leaders with Privia Health explained how they have applied a multistage process to optimize their data-reporting procedures and analytics platform.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

COVID-19-induced revenue issues and staffing challenges causing some PCP practices to close their doors

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says if Congress passes another COVID-19 relief bill, which includes an additional PRF appropriation, it will address the PCP’s short-term financial issues, but will not solve staffing issues.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA November 24, 2020
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