Tag: Finance and Business Strategy

Reeling hospital industry shouldn’t anticipate a turnaround anytime soon

Amid persistent financial and operational turbulence for hospitals, it appears unrealistic to expect significant improvement in the near future.

Nick Hut November 1, 2022

Finance and Business Strategy

HFMA June 16, 2022

Hospital margins increased in November, but labor expenses remained a drag on finances

A skewed labor market continued to affect hospital finances in November even as operating margins improved from October.

Nick Hut January 7, 2022

Market disruption: How 4 healthcare leaders are dealing with it in their own organizations

This roundtable reviews disruptors and how some healthcare leaders deal with new entrants to the market, telehealth and the trend of care shifting to a nonhospital environment.

HFMA November 4, 2021

Research highlights ways to save more than $250 billion per year through healthcare administrative simplification

Savings can be generated at the organizational and healthcare industry levels through steps to reduce wasteful administrative processes, study authors wrote.

Nick Hut October 22, 2021

Study finds little correlation between market concentration and high healthcare prices

The findings have implications as policymakers consider ways to curb healthcare prices.

Nick Hut September 21, 2021

Pressure Rising: COVID-19’s ongoing impacts on healthcare labor trends

Find out how health systems and organizations are expanding remote work, how to prepare for rising labor expenses and how some hospitals are testing creative solutions to address workforce shortages among other hospital labor trends now and into the future.

HFMA September 3, 2021

Research finds widespread issues with community health needs assessments developed by nonprofit hospitals

A majority of hospitals make the required CHNA documents accessible, but many don’t include all the obligatory elements.

Nick Hut September 1, 2021

Latest financial metrics indicate continuing challenges for hospitals

As COVID-19 hospitalizations increased, some volumes took a hit and margins remained tight.

Nick Hut August 30, 2021

Local health providers will compete with Cleveland Clinic/American Well’s telehealth service in the near future

A discussion about what local healthcare providers can expect as more telehealth services like Cleveland Clinic’s The Clinic become available and how an upcoming HFMA consumer-centric measuring tool will help providers compete.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA August 17, 2021
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