Cost Effectiveness of Health

Healthcare News of Note: How Americans and healthcare organizations could benefit from a focus on health span versus life span 

Even though the average life span is 77.9 years in the U.S., Deloitte calculated that Americans are living just 65.9 years, or 85% of their years, in good health.  Eleven member institutions, organizations and individuals supported the Association of American Medical Colleges’ statement on the SCOTUS decision on race-conscious admissions.  Health spending through 2031 is expected…

Deborah Filipek July 7, 2023

Annual Conference: How Mayo Clinic establishes the mindset and processes that foster innovation

Hospitals and health systems must adapt their practices using an innovator’s mindset to keep up with the change sweeping the industry, according to a presentation this week at HFMA’s Annual Conference. “Innovation, at this point in our industry’s landscape, is pretty critical,” said Praveen Mekala, enterprise division chair with Mayo Clinic, referring to the problems…

Nick Hut June 29, 2023

Annual Conference: Healthcare entrepreneur Alex Oshmyansky describes his efforts to disrupt drug pricing

Arguably no segment of the healthcare industry is more susceptible to disruption than the market for prescription drugs, as Alex Oshmyansky, MD, PhD, made clear Wednesday morning during the closing session of HFMA’s Annual Conference. Oshmyansky spoke about his personal efforts to disrupt the pharmaceutical market in his role as co-founder and CEO of Mark…

Nick Hut June 28, 2023

Annual Conference: Keynote speaker Thomas Fisher tells a disturbing story about denial of care

Thomas Fisher, MD, MPH, author and emergency room physician for University of Chicago Medicine, might have made some members of the audience uncomfortable Tuesday at HFMA’s Annual Conference as he described a scenario that reflects poorly on at least one hospital. The situation boiled down to this: A man with a broken jaw and without…

Paul Barr, MS, MBA June 27, 2023

Annual Conference: HFMA Chair Dennis Dahlen issues a call to action for healthcare finance professionals

The concept of punctuated equilibrium refers to systems that experience isolated episodes of dramatic evolution intermixed with long periods of stasis or something close to it. Dennis Dahlen, who on Tuesday morning was installed as HFMA’s National Chair for FY23-24, thinks the hypothesis applies to healthcare. Speaking to Annual Conference attendees, Dahlen, the CFO of…

Nick Hut June 27, 2023

Annual Conference: Health system CFO panel reflects on the importance of embracing change

The healthcare industry is enduring tough times, but finance leaders are equipped to guide their organizations through choppy waters, CFOs said Sunday as part of a panel discussion. Speaking onstage during the opening session of HFMA’s Annual Conference in Nashville, five health system CFOs described how they’ve responded during a tumultuous period that began more…

Nick Hut June 25, 2023

Annual Conference: New HFMA CEO Ann Jordan describes her vision for the Association

Speaking Sunday at Annual Conference, Ann Jordan articulated her vision for how HFMA can support members and positively affect the healthcare industry. Jordan, who succeeded Joe Fifer as president and CEO on June 6, described growing up on a farm in Iowa (“my first career endeavor at the age of 9 was field labor”), then…

Nick Hut June 25, 2023

HFMA and Hospitals magazine collaborate to bring global healthcare community closer

By Olivia Tader HFMA and Hospitals magazine are working together to promote hospital and health system news around the globe. HFMA and Hospitals magazine, a Middle East healthcare magazine, have entered an agreement that allows both organizations to share more widely their content and expertise in hospital management and healthcare finance. “Hospitals magazine is honored…

Olivia Tader June 22, 2023

HFMA Annual Conference preview: How Vanderbilt University Medical Center built a successful bundled payment program

Dr. Brittany Cunningham from Vanderbilt University Medical Center discusses her upcoming presentation at HFMA's Annual Conference in Nashville. Also in this episode, strategies for cash flow discrepancies with sponsor organization Inovalon.

Erika Grotto June 21, 2023

A brief guide to the health-equity journey

Over the past few years, our nation has seen an intensified focus on health equity. Spurred in part by the pandemic, which laid bare the vast human cost of remediable health disparities, both civil society and government are increasingly focused on improving health equity. So are healthcare organizations themselves, many of which are launching or…

Richard Jackson June 12, 2023
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