Cost Effectiveness of Health

A brief guide to the health-equity journey

Over the past few years, our nation has seen an intensified focus on health equity. Spurred in part by the pandemic, which laid bare the vast human cost of remediable health disparities, both civil society and government are increasingly focused on improving health equity. So are healthcare organizations themselves, many of which are launching or…

Richard Jackson June 12, 2023

Dave Johnson: Diagnostic determinism — How precision diagnostics will reinvent medicine

In the movie “Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home,” the spaceship Enterprise travels back in time to San Francisco in the mid-1980s. Its mission is to transport humpback whales into the 23rd century to redirect a space probe heading to destroy earth. It’s a complicated story. While trying to escape police custody, crewmember Pavel Chekov…

David W. Johnson June 12, 2023

AI and machine learning – an intelligent approach to healthcare fraud prevention

The threat of fraud has only become more prevalent in healthcare as a result of three broad trends: Continued growth in the population of healthcare consumers The increase in care being delivered outside of traditional care settings, such as telehealth Exponential development of resources offering health and wellness services Moreover, as the baby boomer generation…

Ellen Zimiles, JD June 9, 2023

Healthcare News of Note: The top 5 reasons U.S. adults say the nation’s healthcare system fails to meet their needs

Nearly three-quarters of adults say the U.S. healthcare system is not meeting their needs in some way, with the length of time to get an appointment the No. 1 reason. The top benefit of using remote patient monitoring during cancer care is to keep the care team up to date on symptoms in between appointments,…

Deborah Filipek June 2, 2023

HFMA, it’s time for action! 

We’ve all been in situations where the time was right, where conditions were optimal or good enough to suggest the best opportunity for action. Growing up on a dairy farm, I learned early that nature exerted a stronger hand on our schedules and work than anything humans could muster. Weather was, of course, a constant…

Dennis E. Dahlen May 30, 2023

Care guidance offers a solution for addressing healthcare inequities

Access to healthcare is widely viewed among Americans as being a fundamental right. Yet health inequities continue to deprive many people access to high-quality, affordable care. It is incumbent on U.S. health systems to take the lead in addressing this problem.

Tina Graham May 24, 2023

David Johnson: The orthopod’s dilemma — Caught between the PE rock and the venture capital hard place

The OrthoForum is the premier convening and advocacy organization for large, independent orthopedic physician groups. In March 2022, I gave a keynote address at The OrthoForum’s Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. Attending the conference at the posh Grande Lakes Ritz-Carlton gave me a front-row seat to the economic forces reshaping orthopedic care delivery in the…

David W. Johnson May 24, 2023

How the balance sheet can contribute to performance improvement

Significant opportunities for cost savings, enhanced liquidity and improved efficiencies lie within an organization’s debt structure, treasury operations and real estate portfolio. There has always been a connection between performance improvement initiatives and the balance sheet. By reducing operating costs, boosting productivity and enhancing revenues, a successful performance improvement initiative bolsters an organization’s financial performance.…

Robert Turner May 24, 2023

CMS issues RFI to gather best practices for identifying and supporting safety net hospitals

As part of the FY24 proposed rule for hospital inpatient payments, CMS is seeking healthcare stakeholder input on how to best support safety net hospitals in the Medicare program. The agency is considering ways to reimburse safety net hospitals via supplemental payments that may be better targeted than disproportionate share hospital (DSH) and uncompensated care…

Nick Hut May 22, 2023

Healthcare News of Note: 5% of U.S. adults are forgoing healthcare due to transportation barriers

This blog share synopses of three stories for healthcare finance professionals, including Adults with transportation issues forgo needed healthcare and pediatric hospital admissions involving ICU care are increasing.

Deborah Filipek May 15, 2023
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