Finance and Business Strategy

Geisinger Scraps Physician Pay-for-Performance

Geisinger Health System has decided to scrap physician compensation incentives based on performance measures and productivity, and instead pay straight salaries.

Lola Butcher June 9, 2017

Why Physician Leadership Transitions Sometimes Fail

Three physician executives say education, mentoring, and effective onboarding are essential for successful leadership transitions.

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 9, 2017

Short-Term vs Long-Term Healthcare Finance Strategies

HFMA President and CEO Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA, talks about short-term vs. long-term strategies in healthcare finance.

HFMA June 6, 2017

Improving Outcomes Using Social Determinants of Health

Rick Ingraham describes how patients’ social factors can help healthcare providers improve the quality of care.

Rick Ingraham June 2, 2017

Building a Successful Investment Program in a Changing Economy

Changes in the economy are bringing new challenges for healthcare finance leaders who oversee investment programs.

Lisa Schneider June 2, 2017

Tackling the Challenge of Stranded Assets in the Acute Care Hospital Sector

The healthcare industry’s increasing focus on value versus volume has caused a shift of care from inpatient to outpatient settings, leaving many hospitals with stranded strategic fixed assets.

Ejaz Elahi June 2, 2017

Availability of Dental Insurance Can Reduce Hospital Costs

Average patient hospital costs rose by 20 percent for Medicaid patients after their dental coverage was trimmed to cover only emergency care. 

Infographic June 1, 2017

Video: Consciously Lowering the Cost of Care

Gordon T. Edwards, CFO for Marshfield Clinic Health System, discusses the high cost of hospital care and how Marshfield treats patients outside the hospital care setting at a lower cost.

HFMA May 30, 2017

Sustaining Financial Performance When Onboarding an Integrated Health Information System

When organizations implement or re-implement health information systems (HIS) that integrate clinical and financial functions, they can experience significant financial disruptions. In this roundtable, several hospital leaders offer strategies for sustaining financial performance amid an evolving information technology environment.

HFMA May 30, 2017

Grant Thornton: Providing Robust Due Diligence to Facilitate Successful Health System Mergers and Acquisitions

Scott Davis and Stephen Thome of Grant Thornton LLP Health Care Advisory Services discuss the importance of comprehensive due diligence and offer strategies for ensuring a process that supports smooth mergers and acquisitions.

HFMA May 30, 2017
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