Finance and Business Strategy

Providers Focus on Food Insecurity

Recognizing that food insecurity has a direct impact on health, provider organizations are launching initiatives to address hunger in their communities. When Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation (MCHC), a federally qualified health center in rural Kentucky, started sending

Lola Butcher May 16, 2017

Diverse M&A Activity Showcases New Partnership Rationale

Healthcare organizations are merging or partnering for different reasons than they did in the past, highlighting the move toward value-based care and population health management.

Anu R. Singh May 15, 2017

What’s Behind an Innovative Tool?

A specialized department to help clinicians and researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital get their innovative ideas to market.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 15, 2017

Direct Primary Care Gains Traction

Direct primary care is gaining a foothold in the healthcare industry because it promotes convenience for consumers and greater accountability among providers.

Lola Butcher May 15, 2017

Healthcare Strategy in the Year of Uncertainty

Economics continues to overshadow politics as a driver of healthcare strategy for providers, with market forces looming large even amid legislative uncertainty.

Aamer Mumtaz May 15, 2017

Ask the Experts: Medical Equipment Leasing

What are the current leasing trends for medical equipment?

HFMA May 12, 2017

Understanding the Current State of MACRA

Hospitals and their employed physicians should take certain actions now to avoid penalties and ensure proper payment under MACRA, as well look at future education and staffing needs.

Chris Stanley, MD, MBA May 12, 2017

Finding Success with Provider-Sponsored Health Plans During Uncertain Times

Community Health Choice, a provider-sponsored health plan started by Harris Health System, has grown its marketplace membership from 300 enrollees to 150,000 over four enrollment periods. Despite uncertainty about the future of federal healthcare laws and the marketplaces, the health plan says that it may still experience growth in 2018.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 12, 2017

Strategic Financial Planning: Summer 2017

Subscribers can access the Summer 2017 issue of Strategic Financial Planning.

HFMA May 11, 2017

Hospital CEOs Name Top Financial Challenges

Hospital CEOs top three financial concerns were Medicaid payment, staff and supply costs, and operating costs.

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