Finance and Business Strategy

Technology as a Thriving Enabler

Technology and technology-enabled access to data are profoundly beneficial to health care, making it critical for healthcare boards to give priority to ensuring cybersecurity.

Mary Mirabelli, FHFMA January 19, 2017

Patient Safety and Quality: Reimagining the Role of Finance

Healthcare finance leaders should not focus only on meeting externally imposed payment requirements; they should collaborate with clinicians and health plan leaders on sustainably improving healthcare safety and value.

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA January 19, 2017

The Power and Potential of Telehealth: What Health Systems Should Know

Healthcare leaders should play a role in advocating for new payment policies that will promote the continued expansion of telehealth services throughout the healthcare marketplace.

Samantha Burch January 19, 2017

Reengineering Integrated Care Relationships

Leaders of integrated care networks should be alert to opportunities for improvement in changing circumstances, whether the organization requires only small adjustments or a complete overhaul.

Keith D. Moore, MCP January 19, 2017

Club and a Dream

At 60 years old, Robin Bradbury finally reached his 50-year goal to become a world-ranked golfer.

HFMA January 19, 2017

Navigating Uncertainty in Health Care in 2017

Repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the continuing transition to value-based care, and the possibility of significant changes to Medicare and Medicaid are key healthcare industry trends to watch in 2017.

Laura Ramos Hegwer January 17, 2017

Negotiating Maternity Care Bundles

UTHealth’s maternity bundled payment pilot encountered two challenges: developing fair and consistent quality measures and defining what services would be part of the bundle.

Lola Butcher January 17, 2017

Taking a Systematic Approach to Hospital Policy Development

Hospitals can develop effective policies by developing a “policy on policies,” taking into consideration content guidelines, making policies easily accessible by all staff, and considering how staff will interpret the policy language.

J. Stuart Showalter, JD, MFS January 17, 2017

Tool: Key Question Checklist for CFOs When Evaluating Population Health IT Investments

Hospital and health system CFOs can use this checklist to assist with population health IT investment decisions.

HFMA January 16, 2017

Using IT to Support Population Health Management

Healthcare CFOs should focus on more than cost savings when it comes to IT investment. They must also assign value to the potential impact on revenue.

Laura Ramos Hegwer January 16, 2017
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