Partnerships and Value

Actualizing Savings After an M&A Transaction

Michael DeLuca describes how health systems can realize savings more quickly after a merger or acquisition.

Michael DeLuca June 19, 2018

Health Plan-Provider Insurance Partnerships Pick Up Speed

June 11—The year of the crossover healthcare deal shows no signs of slowing down with the release of new figures that point to a record number of new health insurer-provider sponsored insurance products in 2018.

David Burda June 11, 2018

Purchased Services Contracting Do’s and Don’ts

Carefully worded language in purchased service contracts can help healthcare organizations enjoy good relationships with business partners. 

Craig Shoukimas June 5, 2018

Collaborating for Value: The Path to Successful Academic-Community Relationships

A partnership involving an academic medical center and a community health centers can offer clear benefits to both parties, but before entering on such a relationship, they also should understand the risks it poses.

David Fairchild, MD, MPH May 30, 2018

How Health Policy Contributed to the Recent Mega-Mergers Involving National Health Plans

Ken Perez discusses the potential for vertical mergers within health care.

Ken Perez May 29, 2018

Best Practices for Affiliation Agreements Between Health Systems and Universities

A well-structured affiliation agreement between university and health system partners will enable the parties to execute joint strategic priorities and advance the shared goals of the academic medical center.

Chris Collins April 25, 2018

Health System Integration: Prescription for Success

Health systems that are pursuing a merger or acquisition require a structured planning process to achieve full integration across the merged organizations’ clinical, administrative, and operational areas.

Brandon Klar, MHSA April 25, 2018

Reimagining Cross-Continuum Relationships

This article examines how DHG Healthcare partnered with a health system to improve care coordination for hip replacements due to fracture.

HFMA April 25, 2018

Provider-Sponsored Health Plans: Cautions and Opportunities

Hospitals and health systems that are contemplating establishing a provider-sponsored health plan face considerable challenges today in such an undertaking, but it can be an effective strategy for some. 

Lia Winfield, PhD April 3, 2018

It Takes a Multifaceted Approach

Premier Inc. partners with health systems to improve how specialty pharmacy patients are managed across the continuum, enabling collaboration while driving improvement in cost and quality outcomes.

HFMA January 25, 2018
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