Revenue Cycle

How one health system focused on revenue cycle staff education to improve its denial rate

Many longtime revenue cycle leaders can recall a simpler time when insurance companies sold plans that were broadly accepted by providers in their service areas. Back then, hospitals provided services to patients, billed their health insurance plans and expected relatively prompt payment. This is no longer true. Today’s revenue cycle team members must be knowledgeable…

Kristen Shoup, CHFP, MBA, RHIA June 3, 2024

Hospital payments have been substantially affected by the Change Healthcare cyberattack, report finds

Newly published data reflect the extent of the payment loss experienced by hospitals and health systems during the first month or so after the Change Healthcare cyberattack. A report (registration required) published in mid-May by Strata finds that gaps in expected revenue ranged from 16.5% to 17.9% per hospital for Q1. The insights were culled…

Nick Hut May 20, 2024

Demonstrating revenue cycle excellence just got easier with the newest HFMA certification

The Executive of Healthcare Revenue Cycle (EHRC) certification, HFMA’s newest member recognition, has been quite popular with members since it was announced in mid-February. As of March 31, 22 HFMA members had applied for the EHRC certification and 18 members earned it, demonstrating excellence in revenue cycle, said Shirley Heavlin, certification operations manager for HFMA.…

Deborah Filipek May 2, 2024

Hospital Prices Machine Readable File: Build vs Buy Guide

Download this guide to assist you as you run the numbers and study the facts to decide whether or not to build your own MRF(s).

HFMA April 16, 2024

How digital patient engagement solutions can help healthcare organizations improve their existing revenue cycle

This roundtable features various healthcare professionals who breakdown what digital patient engagement solutions are being implemented and how this not only empowers patients, but also helps organizations looking to improve their existing revenue cycle.

HFMA February 29, 2024

Healthcare Blame Game: Patient Rights Advocate’s distortion of price transparency regulations and data, and the ad campaign that’s catching attention

Patient Rights Advocate (PRA) has engaged hip hop artists like Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes and Method Man in its “Power to the Patients” campaign, claiming that regulations around price transparency are not being enforced, allowing hospitals to hide their prices and “charge whatever they want.” On this episode, HFMA Policy Director Shawn Stack and Ruth Lande, vice president of hospital relations at RIP Medical Debt, discuss PRA’s misinterpretation of price transparency regulations and hospital pricing.

Erika Grotto February 5, 2024

5 reasons to apply for a prestigious MAP Award for revenue cycle performance

For more than a decade, HFMA’s MAP Award for High Performance in Revenue Cycle has become the highest honor in the healthcare industry for revenue cycle excellence. If that’s not enough of a reason to apply for the chance at these accolades, here are five reasons why past winners apply year after year. 1. Bragging…

Greg Akroyd January 24, 2024

Understanding the true cost to collect requires focusing on high-level KPIs

Revenue cycle management leaders from around the country share their perspectives on defining and maintaining a high-performance revenue cycle and the challenges they face in working to enhance revenue cycle management.

HFMA December 12, 2023

AI-powered coding automation: The state of the art and future direction

This roundtable discussion conducted at HFMA’s 2023 Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee sought to understand both the opportunities and challenges that AI-powered coding automation poses for healthcare organizations.

HFMA December 11, 2023

HFMA, Selat/Nawa and KSA Ministry of Health collaborate on one-day educational event in Riyadh

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) is offering a new international educational opportunity with a one-day healthcare finance event, at the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh on Oct. 31. Selat, a Riyadh-based revenue cycle management consulting firm and its training arm Nawa, is the exclusive sponsor of the event and will also provide instruction during…

Betty Hintch, CHFP August 18, 2023
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