Leadership & Professional Development

Why Physician Leadership Transitions Sometimes Fail

Three physician executives say education, mentoring, and effective onboarding are essential for successful leadership transitions.

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 9, 2017

Why Employers Should Appreciate and Leverage a Multi-Generational Workplace

Millennials and Gen-Xers are driving significant change in the workplace that many employees across all generations want, writes HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel, and employers are wise to capitalize on this trend.

Joe Abel May 22, 2017

7 Valuable Tools to Ensure You Don’t Waste Another Meeting

Lucy Zielinski and Kate Geick of GE Healthcare Camden Group share tips and tools that can help your next meeting run more smoothly and garner more actionable results.

Lucy Zielinski May 10, 2017

Mastering Your Emotions: You Can’t Leave Home Without Them

Emotions: We truly cannot leave home without them, says Hilda Villaverde, PhD. She takes a deeper look at emotional self-awareness and its benefits.  

Hilda Villaverde April 21, 2017

Boosting Your EQ is Essential to Being a Top Performer

Kari Cornicelli, vice president and CFO for Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus in San Diego, examines the qualities and behaviors leaders cultivate to become recognized as top performers, including emotional intelligence. 

Kari Cornicelli April 20, 2017

Encourage Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace by Setting Strong Boundaries

HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel writes about why establishing strong boundaries and enforcing them over time is critical to your success in the workplace.

Joe Abel April 20, 2017

No Mud, No Lotus: Getting through the mental, emotional, and spiritual mud when taking a leap of faith

Kelsey Wong, a consultant who helps organizations design emotionally intelligent workplaces, writes about her own journey to feeling centered and finding mental, emotional, and spiritual liberation.  

Kelsey Wong April 20, 2017

Why Emotional Intelligence is More Important Than IQ

Shanna Hanson, Human Arc's manager of business knowledge, reviews the book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Is More Important Than IQ and How You Can Improve Yours. Author Allan Goldman takes readers through a step-by-step explanation that begins with what emotional intelligence is and how to enhance it. 

Shanna Hanson April 17, 2017

‘Security’ is Being Prepared for Career Opportunities

Kari Cornicelli, vice president and CFO for Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus in San Diego, writes about finding security by creating opportunities for yourself. Some of the challenges you may be facing now can lead you down a path of opportunity that you hadn't previously considered. 

Kari Cornicelli March 24, 2017

5 Steps to Overcoming Your Fears

HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel looks at what holds people back from pursuing new career opportunities, and he walks through five steps that can help eliminate fears to help you move forward. 

Joe Abel March 24, 2017
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