Next Steps for Physician Leaders

The future of healthcare delivery in the United States will depend on physician leadership, with strong support from administrative leaders.

Keith D. Moore, MCP March 21, 2017

Rethinking the Targets

Healthcare leaders should focus value-based payment efforts on the areas with the greatest potential ROI.

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA March 21, 2017

Truly Thriving Requires a Little TLC

When assessing the costs of health care, it is important to remember that “tender loving care” is inextricably linked with ‘total costs of care.”

Mary Mirabelli, FHFMA March 21, 2017

Finance Manager Urges Organ Donations After Two Family Members Saved

Karen Denko not only advocates for others to donate life when they die but she became a living organ donor to her niece when her kidneys failed.

HFMA March 21, 2017

A Monthly Video with HFMA’s Joe Fifer

HFMA President and CEO Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA, talks about why the value transformation depends on courage in leadership.

HFMA March 2, 2017

hfm Magazine: March 2017

hfm Magazine: March 2017

HFMA March 1, 2017

Registration Academy Improves Performance

St. Joseph Health’s homegrown training program reduced the average training time for new hires by 25 percent and decreased training costs per trainee by $1,400.

training: Karen Wagner February 28, 2017

How to Take Command of Your Personal Brand

There is power in personal branding, says Deb Miller, chief marketing officer at Elevate Marketing Group. She walks you through steps you can take to distill your personal brand and use it to advance your career. 

Deb Miller February 24, 2017

Ascension Health President and COO Makes Career Out of Coordinating Care With Efficiency

For Patricia Maryland, DrPH, president of healthcare operations and COO for Ascension Health, efficiency in caregiving was an early necessity that turned into a lifelong career path. Her story illustrates how to live your personal brand. 

Rachael Zimlich February 24, 2017

First Female CEO to Lead a Venture-Capital-Backed Startup to IPO Shares Secret of her Success

Fifteen years ago, at age 40, Therese Tucker founded the accounting software company Blackline. Despite a rough and winding road to success, she didn't give up her dream, using grit and an entrepreneurial spirit to fuel her journey.  

Rachael Zimlich February 24, 2017
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