Sidebar: Core Elements of a Shared Accountability Partnership Model

A shared accountability partnership model must include a number of elements.                

HFMA January 9, 2017

The CFO’s Game Changer: Creating Value Through Performance-Based Partnerships

Strategic CFOs are leveraging vendor partnerships to help improve performance while keeping costs manageable.

Matthew Bierbaum, MBA January 9, 2017

Top of Her Game

A decade of effort at competitive table tennis provided the skills and drive one woman used to proper the rest of her life.

Etcetera: Member Profile December 19, 2016

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action: Time to Face Addiction

With the publication of the Surgeon General’s report on addiction in America, it is time for healthcare leaders to recognize the impact of addiction on healthcare costs.

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA December 19, 2016

Another Year of Thriving and Resiliency

Healthcare finance leaders have an opportunity in 2017 to shape the future for U.S. health care by helping populations, organizations, and individuals to thrive.

Mary Mirabelli, FHFMA December 19, 2016

Ask the Experts: Customer Service

Can you suggest a few strategies or types of training that can instill a passion for service inside and outside our dept?

HFMA October 5, 2016

Ask the Experts: Physician Office Staffing

At what size should a medical practice consider hiring a controller and what is the current salary for such a position?

HFMA August 9, 2016

Tool: Sample Revenue Cycle Governance Council Charter

This is a sample tool from HFMA’s CFO Forum. Learn more about the CFO Forum and HFMA’s other Forums here. 1. Purpose To serve as the governing council for the revenue cycle

HFMA August 3, 2016

When Leading and Managing Others: First Do No Harm

A five step model helps leaders focus on the potential ethical issues behind their decisions.

Marty Martin July 11, 2016

Developing an Effective Revenue Cycle Meeting Agenda

An effective revenue cycle department meeting covers KPI updates, challenges and successes, and input from other department leaders as needed.

Ed Avis April 5, 2016
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