A New Approach to Support Staffing in Physician Practices

Organizations should adapt support-staffing levels for physician practices using a comprehensive approach, including a variety of factors such as provider mix, productivity, and the level of patient access.

Cynthia Peters Arnold April 6, 2017

How One Florida Healthcare Organization Tackled Recruitment Challenges and Saved $3M

Health First exceeded its goals for improving new hire retention rates and satisfaction, resulting in significant cost savings and happier hiring managers.

Jill Schwieters April 6, 2017

hfm Magazine: April 2017

hfm Magazine: April 2017

HFMA March 31, 2017

March 2017

Read the March 2017 issue of Leadership magazine.

HFMA March 27, 2017

Medical Trainees Learn to Recognize Clinical Overuse

Brandon Combs says a voluntary writing exercise at University of Colorado School of Medicine helps medical trainees reflect on patient harms arising from clinical overuse.

Brandon Combs March 27, 2017

‘Security’ is Being Prepared for Career Opportunities

Kari Cornicelli, vice president and CFO for Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus in San Diego, writes about finding security by creating opportunities for yourself. Some of the challenges you may be facing now can lead you down a path of opportunity that you hadn't previously considered. 

Kari Cornicelli March 24, 2017

5 Steps to Overcoming Your Fears

HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel looks at what holds people back from pursuing new career opportunities, and he walks through five steps that can help eliminate fears to help you move forward. 

Joe Abel, CPCC, ACC, PhD March 24, 2017

Confronting Your Fear is the Key to Living a Meaningful Life

About 30 years ago, a concerned friend gave Hilda Villaverde, PhD, a book that improved her life: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers. She writes about how the book served as her personal wake-up call to examine what was meaningful in her life. 

Hilda Villaverde March 23, 2017

Success is About Scaling the Wall in Front of You

Christina Caraballo, senior healthcare strategist for Get Real Health, shares how the sport of parkour has helped her scale walls of opposition in her personal and professional life to help her reach new heights. 

Christina Caraballo March 23, 2017

Safety in Numbers: Key to Wealth Accumulation is Discipline

Nancy Tengler, senior vice president and chief investment officer for Heartland Financial USA Inc., says well-executed investment discipline can provide stability and financial security for women of all ages and income levels. But, as with any discipline, it requires diligence, practice, and plenty of patience. 

Nancy Tengler March 23, 2017
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