Encourage Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace by Setting Strong Boundaries

HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel writes about why establishing strong boundaries and enforcing them over time is critical to your success in the workplace.

Joe Abel, CPCC, ACC, PhD April 20, 2017

No Mud, No Lotus: Getting through the mental, emotional, and spiritual mud when taking a leap of faith

Kelsey Wong, a consultant who helps organizations design emotionally intelligent workplaces, writes about her own journey to feeling centered and finding mental, emotional, and spiritual liberation.  

Kelsey Wong April 20, 2017

12 Commitments to Make to Achieve Success

Stacey McCreery, president of ROI Search Group LLC, writes about the 12 commitments that have guided her in starting her own company and helped her achieve success. 

Stacey McCreery April 20, 2017

Why Emotional Intelligence is More Important Than IQ

Shanna Hanson, Human Arc's manager of business knowledge, reviews the book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Is More Important Than IQ and How You Can Improve Yours. Author Allan Goldman takes readers through a step-by-step explanation that begins with what emotional intelligence is and how to enhance it. 

Shanna Hanson April 17, 2017

Making It OK: Insurer Helps Take the Stigma out of Mental Illness

Donna Zimmerman of HealthPartners discusses the health system’s campaign to take the stigma out of mental illness through empowerment and awareness.

Donna Zimmerman April 17, 2017

A New Approach to Support Staffing in Physician Practices

Organizations should adapt support-staffing levels for physician practices using a comprehensive approach, including a variety of factors such as provider mix, productivity, and the level of patient access.

Cynthia Peters Arnold April 6, 2017

How One Florida Healthcare Organization Tackled Recruitment Challenges and Saved $3M

Health First exceeded its goals for improving new hire retention rates and satisfaction, resulting in significant cost savings and happier hiring managers.

Jill Schwieters April 6, 2017

hfm Magazine: April 2017

hfm Magazine: April 2017

HFMA March 31, 2017

March 2017

Read the March 2017 issue of Leadership magazine.

HFMA March 27, 2017

Medical Trainees Learn to Recognize Clinical Overuse

Brandon Combs says a voluntary writing exercise at University of Colorado School of Medicine helps medical trainees reflect on patient harms arising from clinical overuse.

Brandon Combs March 27, 2017
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