May 2017

Aligning Value-Based Payment Metrics

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Cover Story

Toward a Common Vision for Value-Based Care Metrics
Providers say reporting dozens—maybe even hundreds—of potentially conflicting metrics from government and commercial payers is a burden. How can stakeholders find common ground.

Data Center

Cost as a Barrier to Care for People With Chronic Conditions (PDF) 

Healthcare Challenge Roundtable

Assessing the Value of Care
Healthcare finance, clinical, and health plan leaders discuss the importance of having effective processes for appraising the value of drugs and healthcare services.

Infographic: Building Value-Analysis Frameworks That Work for Patients (PDF)


Healthcare Strategy in the Year of Uncertainty

Even amid significant legislative ambiguity, reform remains a market-driven issue.


What’s Behind an Innovative Tool? 
Boston Children’s Hospital helps in-house innovators bring new technologies and treatments to market using a faculty-friendly approach. 


Direct Primary Care Gains Traction

The burgeoning model has caught the eye of self-insured employers due to its consumer-friendly approach to care delivery and payment. 


Diverse Activity Showcases New Rationale

Healthcare transactions are becoming more varied in scope and type as entities seek to position themselves to compete in an evolving market.

M&A Sector Watch (PDF)

Leadership Perspectives

The Challenge of Scale

The healthcare industry has reached the point at which one of its most pressing needs is to assess which innovative models are working and then scale them up, writes Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA, president and CEO of HFMA.