Joe Fifer: The courage to reframe healthcare to encompass ‘health’ 

Whether you’ve worked in this field for a day or a decade, when someone asks you what business you’re in, the answer is easy: Healthcare. And your meaning is clear. Imagine if you had answered, “health,” instead. Suddenly, that word raises more questions than it answers. Does the health business refer to fitness or nutrition,…

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA March 29, 2023

How investing in the workforce can improve a health system’s bottom line

The year 2022 will be remembered as one of the worst financial years on record for healthcare. It will also be recalled as the year when the anticipated workforce shortage moved from being just one of many strategic concerns for health system leaders to becoming their most critical and urgent challenge. The rapidity with which…

Rodney B. Hanners March 29, 2023

Best practices for relieving unprecedented cost pressures facing healthcare providers

Due to labor cost increases, inflation, declining Medicare reimbursements and other reasons, health systems across the nation are feeling a new financial strain after the height of the pandemic.

HFMA March 29, 2023

Creating sound strategies to manage compensation and benefits regardless of where your employees reside

No doubt there are significant cultural and financial benefits to supporting continued remote and hybrid work in healthcare, particularly in billing/coding, call center, scheduling and administrative roles. Healthcare, however, faces specific challenges as they seek to demystify multi-state tax rules.

HFMA March 29, 2023

Aaron Crane: There’s real value to be found in exhibit halls 

Workforce gaps, cost inflation and revenue cycle inefficiency are driving unprecedented pressure on margins, while our communities demand greater value. Today’s healthcare finance leaders are grappling with at least one ― if not all ― of these issues. And they’re looking for solutions. As I travel around the country to various HFMA regional and chapter…

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA March 28, 2023

Meeting healthcare’s workforce challenges requires innovation — with a dose of humanity

There is no low-hanging fruit left in workforce innovation. Yet hospital and health system finance executives who are looking for investments their organizations can make to reach higher up the tree should not be deterred. They can follow the lead of health systems that have already taken risk and reaped rewards — from taking an…

Liz DeForest March 28, 2023

Automation from documentation capture to code: Insights from healthcare finance leaders

Read tips on strengthening return on investment and engagement as well as the role of process automation in navigating the documentation and workforce challenges facing healthcare in this roundtable with hospital leaders.

HFMA March 28, 2023

Healthcare 2030: Leveraging good leadership to work toward financial sustainability

HFMA Senior Editor Paul Barr discusses Volume 2 of the Healthcare 2030 series. Katie Sklarsky from Chartis talks about financial sustainability, and Danielle Solomon from FORVIS talks about the importance of good leadership in times of change.

Erika Grotto March 27, 2023

HFMA launches new leadership courses based on member feedback

You asked. We answered. Seventy-seven percent of HFMA members said they want more leadership and professional development, and now you can access these new courses in HFMA’s Online Learning Library: Anatomy of Analytics: Three Critical Components Leadership Need To Know Three Key Components For Effective Leadership Storytelling Seven Qualities of an Emotional Intelligent Leader Courses…

HFMA staff reports March 23, 2023

Healthcare News of Note: Most board members of the nation’s top hospitals work in finance or business

Less than 15% of board members at a sampling of the nation’s top hospitals are health professionals, while 56% work in finance or business. Since 2014, the number of medically disenfranchised people in the U.S. nearly doubled from 56 million to over 100 million, causing stress for providers and lower rates of immunization and rising…

Deborah Filipek March 17, 2023
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