Service Line Management

The understated value and potential of the clinical laboratory

Healthcare finance leaders need to rethink the value of the clinical laboratory in terms of revenue potential.

Martin Bluth June 2, 2021

Canon Medical Systems: Trusted healthcare adviser status sets company apart

As a healthcare organization leader, are you interested in working with an imaging solutions partner? See how service, financing and education play a part in selecting the right vendor.

HFMA June 1, 2021

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, research finds hospital organizations looking to capitalize on the benefits of ‘systemness’

In a survey of hospital strategic planners, larger health systems were substantially more likely to report that their volumes had reached or exceeded pre-COVID-19 levels.

Nick Hut April 30, 2021

Healthcare’s financial recovery after COVID-19 depends on data and evidence

One of the greatest cost-savings opportunities for hospitals and health systems lies in controlling variation in costs for surgical procedures, a key area of focus for such an effort is the supply costs for such procedures.

Dan Hermes, MBA March 26, 2021

For rural hospitals, affiliations with large health systems can be a mixed bag

Significant declines in inpatient admissions among rural hospitals that eventually close may be a consequence of affiliations with health systems.

Nick Hut March 12, 2021

Healthcare finance leaders emphasize efficiency and consider partnerships in response to ongoing trends

To address the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare finance leaders are considering both internal and external solutions, according to recently issued reports.

Nick Hut February 19, 2021

Latest patient volume data highlights some of the challenges facing hospitals in the COVID-19 era

Hospital patient volumes show signs of rebounding in some areas but continue to lag in others, especially in the ED.

Nick Hut February 9, 2021

How The Johns Hopkins Hospital uses financial, operational and clinical collaboration to achieve cost savings

Using a framework for managing financial performance improvement across its enterprise that involved collaboration among finance, operations and clinicians, The Johns Hopkins Hospital was able to create many opportunities for costs savings and long-term financial success.

Eric C. Reese, PhD January 22, 2021

Amid ‘dire’ losses, some eye restart of hospital elective surgeries

As hospitals' financial losses mount, guidance emerges on restarting elective surgeries.

Rich Daly January 22, 2021

3 ways hospitals need to pivot their OR strategy in the wake of COVID-19

To maintain OR procedural revenue in the years following COVID-19, hospitals and health systems require a new surgical services strategy led by physicians and characterized by a focus on ambulatory care, with a strong emphasis on improving the patient experience and overall OR process efficiency.

Jeff A. Peters December 17, 2020
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