Service Line Management

After patient volume collapsed amid the coronavirus pandemic, some see signs of recovery

Hospitals faced steep patient volume declines in March and April, but signs indicate levels could be recovering as elective procedures resume.

Rich Daly May 26, 2020

HHS pays $12 billion to compensate 395 hospitals for ‘high impact’ from COVID-19, and more may come

Nearly 400 hospitals and health systems have received $12 billion in COVID-19 "high impact" grants.

Rich Daly May 26, 2020

‘A mountain of work’: Lessons from 2 organizations that restarted elective procedures after the COVID-19 moratorium

Leaders with two provider organizations that resumed elective procedures as COVID-19 began to ebb in their markets describe the most important considerations.

Nick Hut May 26, 2020

Cardiac Surgical Product Adoption Survey

Survey analysis reveals important learnings from a February 2020 HFMA-conducted study, sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences, about cardiac surgical product adoption.

HFMA May 1, 2020

Factors that Influence Cardiac Surgical Technology Purchases

A visual analysis of a February 2020 HFMA survey about factors that influence cardiac surgical technology decisions.

HFMA May 1, 2020

Main Line Health improves its bottom line by creating a collaborative culture

A health system's multifaceted performance improvement initiative, which yielded more than $120 million in savings, is exemplified by its approach to improving care processes in its ICUs.

Andrew Norton, MD March 5, 2020

How pharmacists can play a role in curtailing the rising cost of drug therapy

Evidence shows improved collaboration between clinical pharmacists and prescribing physicians can help mitigate problems with selection, adherence and overutilization of pharmaceuticals, which cost the nation hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

William N. Kelly, PharmD February 17, 2020

Analytics help create an integrated health system

For health systems that have gone through a period of growth, strong strategic financial planning, enhanced service line analytics, appropriate benchmarking, standardized costing practices, and rolling forecasting can help realize the efficiencies of scale that growth provides.

HFMA January 31, 2020

Capitalize on purchased services’ unusual suspects to enhance revenue

A transformative healthcare company outlines some conventional and unusual strategies for streamlining purchased services spend to expand margins and drive revenue.

HFMA January 13, 2020

8 stages to service line growth

With its emphasis on quality, efficiency, and physician-hospital alignment, the service line model fits well in the healthcare leader’s value-oriented toolkit. Hospitals and physicians have used a service line approach for decades to provide efficient, high-quality care to well-defined, patient populations: Patients with related diseases or conditions (e.g., cardiovascular, orthopedic). Patients in specific life stages…

HFMA January 9, 2020
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