Technology ROI

Financing digital transformation during COVID-19 and beyond

In this executive roundtable, a handful of revenue cycle and technology leaders review ROI, cybersecurity, employee engagement and more in healthcare finance.

HFMA August 25, 2021

Provider conduct could have a big impact on the future of telehealth, experts say

Widespread certification for telehealth could encourage policymakers to retain the waivers that have promoted expanded virtual access, industry experts say.

Nick Hut August 19, 2021

Solving revenue cycle challenges with automation: 4 tips for maximizing your ROI

The healthcare revenue cycle is ripe for the kind of transformative change that automation technologies can bring. In fact, there may be no better application for these technologies.

HFMA June 7, 2021

Enterprise staffing analytics: An untapped aid for achieving financial success

Scheduling analytics can help organizations match the demand of each clinical area to the available physician supply while managing staff capacity to achieve strategic goals.

Rich Miller May 27, 2021

Key payment details in the Medicare FY22 Inpatient Prospective Payment System proposed rule

CMS’s FY22 proposed rule for the Inpatient Prospective Payment System includes a 2.8% payment increase for general acute care hospitals.

Nick Hut April 28, 2021

Alpha Health: Using machine learning to create fully autonomous revenue cycle operations

A revenue cycle technology company talks about how machine learning and other modern automation techniques can help healthcare organizations increase revenue, boost productivity and be more agile in the face of unexpected business volatility.

HFMA March 23, 2021

‘History favors the bold’: The digital transformation mandate for the healthcare industry

Hospitals and health systems need to implement digital technologies and processes to keep up with societal and industry changes, according to a featured presentation at HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

Roll with The Changes

An article that discusses the value of timely, automated business analytics in navigating the financial and operational challenges brought on by the public health crisis.

HFMA August 31, 2020

8 security tips for remote revenue cycle staff

Healthcare organizations can help their remote revenue cycle staff from falling prey to hackers and secure patient health information by following advice from security and privacy experts.

Lisa A. Eramo, MA August 4, 2020

Rethinking patient payments and providing a consumer-friendly experience

An innovative healthcare technology company talks about how its technology-fueled billing and payment platform enables a compassionate patient financial experience while efficiently driving revenue into a healthcare organization.

HFMA July 31, 2020
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