Technology ROI

Create more accurate cost reports faster with Easy Work Papers by BESLER

A healthcare technology company talks about how its Easy Work Papers solution improves cost report accuracy and consistency, helping hospitals receive optimal revenue while maintaining compliance.

HFMA July 31, 2020

How artificial intelligence makes healthcare finance more human

Healthcare finance departments can use artificial intelligence to reduce repetitive work and allow employees to take on roles that are more analytical.

Jane C. Kaye, MBA July 27, 2020

Hospitals need integration and automation for value continuity through the COVID-19 crisis

As hospitals contend with the challenges posed by COVID-19, their future success may depend on the extent to which they are embracing new technologies and systems to bring higher levels of automation to business processes.

Matt Houston July 21, 2020

Make your cloud transformation endure: 5 steps for a lasting enterprise cloud strategy

A strategy-focused article about implementing a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, which focuses on the role of planning, teamwork, communication and continuous performance monitoring.

HFMA May 18, 2020

Cardiac Surgical Product Adoption Survey

Survey analysis reveals important learnings from a February 2020 HFMA-conducted study, sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences, about cardiac surgical product adoption.

HFMA May 1, 2020

Physician Compensation Systems Survey

Survey analysis reveals important learnings from a February 2020 HFMA-conducted study, sponsored by Ludi, about physician compensation.

HFMA May 1, 2020

Factors that Influence Cardiac Surgical Technology Purchases

A visual analysis of a February 2020 HFMA survey about factors that influence cardiac surgical technology decisions.

HFMA May 1, 2020

Survey: Understanding and mitigating risk in compensating physicians

Important learnings from a February 2020 HFMA-conducted survey about physician compensation, where healthcare organization leaders offer insights on the complexities of the process.

HFMA May 1, 2020

2020 Healthcare Corporate Services Report

A survey of provider executives about corporate services spending, expense reduction, and technology optimization trends.

HFMA March 10, 2020

Transforming healthcare through better resource management

A transformative software company discusses how its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution helps healthcare organizations become more agile, sustainable and consumer-oriented by integrating and strengthening financial, human resource and supply chain functions.

HFMA January 31, 2020
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