Operations and Other Technology

Why a more modern cost accounting approach in healthcare is needed post-COVID-19

A recent survey by HFMA and Strata Decision Technology found that, although 85% of health systems and 57% of hospitals and medical centers havecost accounting systems, most are not fully adept in using cost data to reduce total cost of care.

Jeni Williams April 29, 2020

Providence deploys technology, analytics in response to the coronavirus pandemic

In Washington state, one of the epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic, Providence has enhanced its response by taking advantage of new technology.

Lola Butcher April 1, 2020

Hospitals face staffing ‘domino effect’ from the coronavirus outbreak, adviser says

The novel coronavirus and family demands are expected to stress hospital staffing levels in new ways.

Rich Daly April 1, 2020

A Providence executive offers lessons for U.S. hospitals on coping with the new coronavirus

Keys for hospitals to stay on top of the coronavirus outbreak including developing a communications plan and establishing remote-monitoring capacity.

Lola Butcher April 1, 2020

2020 Healthcare Corporate Services Report

A survey of provider executives about corporate services spending, expense reduction, and technology optimization trends.

HFMA March 10, 2020

Advice from a hacker: How to safeguard medical devices from cyberattacks

The vulnerability of many medical devices to cyberattacks presents a serious safety concern for hospitals and health systems.

Eric C. Reese, PhD March 2, 2020

How a new view of performance improvement can help healthcare organizations rein in costs

Succeeding in U.S. healthcare’s challenging financial environment requires a disciplined, data-oriented approach with a corresponding investment in data systems and infrastructure.

Lance Robinson January 20, 2020

How loading luggage can be a healthcare staffing innovation I HFMA

Innovative thinking should create the right connection between a healthcare organization's technological capabilities and its processes.

Jeff Helton,  PHD, FHFMA, CMA, CFE December 4, 2019

For healthcare analytics, systems and culture breed success

Research conducted by HFMA and sponsored by EPSi shows that healthcare organizations are still grappling with technological and cultural issues as they attempt to implement effective analytics programs.

Nick Hut December 4, 2019

Healthcare’s future depends on attracting and retaining creative minds

To attract creative minds who can solve some of the most pressing problems, healthcare needs to brand itself as a stimulating industry in which to work.

Melissa Powell, LHNA October 22, 2019
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