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Financial Sustainability Report: February 2021

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How To | Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability Report: February 2021

Physician compensation

Hospitals enjoy greater flexibility in compensating physicians for value-based care
By Max Reynolds, JD
New regulations effective Jan. 19, 2021, afford hospitals, providers of certain ancillary services and accountable care organizations (ACOs) they own significantly greater flexibility to compensate physicians for collaboration on value-based care initiatives.

Navigating change: Implications of CMS's 2021 Physician Fee Schedule 
By Patty Bohney, CVA, MBA, Dave Hesselink, MBA, MHA, and Craig Hanscom, MBA 
Changes to the CMS Physician Fee Schedule for 2021 require immediate deliberation by provider organizations with respect to how they will structure their physician compensation arrangements.

Physician performance

Physician practices are facing operational and financial headwinds
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By Jim Blake and Cynthia Arnold
A recent study found that most performance measures of physician practices declined in 2020 relative to 2019 levels. The findings suggest reinforcing the physician performance improvement infrastructure should remain a priority for hospitals and health systems with employed physicians.

Value-Based Payment

Denials management: An underrated tool for optimizing value-based revenue
By Daniel J. Marino
Effective denials management not only supports a strong revenue stream under existing fee-for-service payment models, but also is a key tool for managing the full range of value-based payment contracts.

Physician perspective

It's all in the breath: An argument for improved outcomes and reduced costs in healthcare
Martin Bluth, MD, PhD
Effective breathing is known to promote good health, but our healthcare system has given relatively little attention to the concept of breathing therapy. COVID-19 has increased the need for a greater focus on this issue, and there are simple steps healthcare organizations can take to address it.


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NFP hospital profitability plummeted in 2020 despite expense mitigation strategies, Moody’s reports

Profits were down in the not-for-profit and public healthcare sector in FY20, but management strategies helped to increase liquidity amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The drivers of today’s mergers and acquisitions differ significantly from what was driving M&A activity 20 years ago, says Anu Singh, managing director with Kaufman, Hall & Associates LLC. Read Singh’s insights into the key factors that will determine the M&A success in the post-COVID-19 world.

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How revenue cycle teams can maintain effective patient financial services in a distanced world

Amid the challenging times of COVD-19, it is critical for revenue cycle leaders to educate themselves about best practices either created or refined during the pandemic to effectively promote patient financial engagement in today’s world of social distancing.