June 2018

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How To | Leadership

Achieving an Aligned Physician Enterprise Through Cultural Transformation

By aligning with physicians and staff members, health system leaders can effect change in their organizations to meet consumer needs and wants.


Video | Payment Models

Video: The Evolution of Payment Models

François de Brantes, former vice president and director for the Altarum Payment Institute, discusses payment models.

Early Edition

Trend | Innovation and Disruption

Healthcare Innovation in an Age of Contradictions

Trends in four key areas—consolidation, value-based care, Big Data, and generational differences—are disrupting the U.S. healthcare system and promoting innovation, according to surveyed healthcare executives.

Trend | Coding

Offshore Versus Domestic Outsourced Coding Services: A Comparative Assessment

Although offshore outsourced medical record coding services are widely believed to a cost-effective outsourcing option, a recent study identified concerns that healthcare providers considering this option should address before moving forward.

How To | Technology

6 Ways Tablets at Registration Deliver ROI to Enterprise Health Systems

The cost savings that result from eliminating paper forms at patient check-in can be significant for health systems.

How To | Leadership

Why Organizational Culture is Critical to Success

Effective leadership requires good communications skills as well as a strong vision.

How To | Value-Based Payment

The Trump Administration’s Approach to Value

Ever since HHS Secretary Alex Azar announced that one of his priorities for the U.S. healthcare system would be to accelerate the shift to value-based care, industry stakeholders have awaited insight into how he would turn that priority into to policy action. 


News | Healthcare Business Trends

Incoming HFMA Chair Calls on Finance Leaders to ‘Imagine Tomorrow' to Improve Care Delivery and Accessibility Today

HFMA’s 2018-19 Chair, Kevin Brennan, CPAs, calls upon healthcare finance leaders to imagine a future in which innovation promotes improved access to health care that is both more reliable and more affordable.

How To | Leadership

The CFO’s Role in Accelerating Systemwide Performance Improvement

The varied expertise of CFOs positions them as natural leaders of performance improvement initiatives.

How To | Partnerships and Value

Collaborating for Value: The Path to Successful Academic-Community Relationships

A partnership involving an academic medical center and a community health centers can offer clear benefits to both parties, but before entering on such a relationship, they also should understand the risks it poses.

How To | Bundled Payment

Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced: 5 Critical Issues

When considering whether to participate in the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced program, hospitals and health systems should examine five key areas that could affect their performance under the program.

How To | Innovation and Disruption

Innovating to Care for High-Need, High-Cost Patients

Providers and health plans need to broaden their views to find and implement approaches that deliver greater value to the patient while ensuring the financial sustainability of the system.

Focus Area

Case Study | Denials Management

Improving Revenue Cycle Performance by Following Changes in Care Plan

A Maryland-based health system implemented a new tool and processes to decrease denials by following up on deviations from patients’ plans of care.

How To | Electronic Health Records

Healthcare Transformational Landscape: Impact on Accounting From EHR Platforms and Other

The cost of implementing a new electronic health record system can be expensed or capitalized over the life of the implementation project.


Column | Healthcare Business Trends

HFMA National Chair Encourages Healthcare Finance Professionals to ‘Imagine Tomorrow’

HFMA’s 2018-19 Chair, Kevin Brennan, asks healthcare finance leaders to imagine a tomorrow where everyone has access to safely delivered and affordable health care when they need it.

Trend | Telemedicine

Trending Toward Home Care: Is Our Health System Ready?

The advancement of telemedicine and home-based technology presents both opportunities and challenges with respect to improving health care and making it safer.

Column | Innovation and Disruption

The Five C’s of Innovation

A recent HFMA study of healthcare organizations in nine markets considered the factors involved in organizational change.

Column | Healthcare Business Trends

It's Showtime!

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer shares perspectives on innovations and traditions at HFMA’s newly revamped Annual Conference.

News Watch Data Analysis

Medicare Acute Inpatient Hospital Stays per 1,000 Enrollees, 2016

This graph showcases data about medicare acute inpatient hospital stays per 1,000 enrollees in the year 2016.


Executive Roundtable | Value-Based Payment

Navigating Value-Based Reimbursement

A roundtable discussion about value-based reimbursement challenges, opportunities, and strategies for success.


Trendsetter | Operations Management

Pursuing an Integrated Approach to Pharmacy

This article looks at Premier’s work in helping health systems improve their pharmacy operations to be more integrated, cost-effective, and patient-focused. 

Executive Roundtable | Operations Management

TRIMEDX: Moving Healthcare Providers Toward Mature Clinical Asset Management

This article includes a discussion by TRIMEDX leaders about the best ways to mature a clinical asset management program.

Humana: Embracing New Payment Models: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies for Improvement

This piece shares key points from a Humana-sponsored survey on value-based payment readiness.