February 2019

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Article | Technology

Financing a Digital Transformation

To keep pace with the rapid proliferation of digital technologies in health care, healthcare organizations must develop a framework for identifying the best funding source for each element in their digital strategies. 

Web Exclusives

The Truth About Blockchain and Its Application to Health Care

Healthcare organizations have growing opportunities to begin applying blockchain technology to solving industry challenges, and today’s practical applications may be first steps toward more-sophisticated applications that could transform the industry.

10 Ways to Enhance the Patient Payment Experience

Patients represent a fast-growing source of payment for healthcare providers, so it is important for providers to take steps not only to increase collections but also to enhance their patients’ financial experience.

Trend | Operations Management

Treatment of Addiction: Incentivizing Recovery, Not Relapse

Substance use disorder has too often been treated as an isolated infectious disease. The ARMH-APM, a proposed alternative payment model, aims to restructure provider incentives to promote more appropriate treatment of the disorder as a chronic disease.


How To | Artificial Intelligence

A CFO’s Guide to AI Strategy

As artificial intelligence is growing in popularity in the healthcare industry, hospitals and health systems are beginning to realize significant ROI from the technology.

How To | Technology

Improving CAH Medicare Part-A Payment Accuracy Using Bluetooth-based RTLS

A real-time location system (RTLS) provide critical access hospitals with an effective means for accurately tracking physician availability time for delivering emergency department services, thereby potentially increasing Medicare payments.

How To | Technology

SKU Optimization Initiatives Can Create Cost Savings in an Era of Value-Based Care

By assigning stock-keeping unit (SKU) information to equipment and supplies, hospitals can realize cost savings.

Focus Area

How To | Operations Management

Textile Budget Considerations: A Laundry List

An efficient textiles program can help a health system maximize dollars allocated to linens and uniforms and result in better patient outcomes and satisfaction.


Trend | Innovation and Disruption

HFMA Helps Convert Imagination into Innovation

HFMA highlights innovative ways healthcare finance professionals are using technology to lower costs, improve care, and increase patient satisfaction.

Column | Healthcare Reform

The Texas Federal District Court’s Ruling on the Constitutionality of the ACA

The 2018 ruling in by the Texas District Court declaring Affordable Care Act unconstitutional is expected to be overturned, but the decision still could have an adverse effect on the future of value-based payment.

How To | Partnerships and Value

The Art and Science of Integration

Healthcare organizations should consider seven key factors and related initial questions when contemplating a proposed integration initiative.

Column | Technology

Innovation in Health Care—It’s Not Just an App

Innovative technology often is seen as the means for transforming health care, but what ultimately is required is innovative thinking that doesn’t rely solely on technology but also looks at ways to improve processes.

Column | Consumerism

Valuing Patients as Consumers

February marks National Wise Health Care Consumer Month. HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer encourages healthcare finance leaders to reflect on what their organizations are doing to help patients and community members feel valued as consumers. 


How To | Technology

Five Considerations When Moving Technology to the Cloud

Tips-focused article on how to prepare for and optimize a transition to the cloud. 


Business Profile | Revenue Cycle

R1 RCM: Partnering with Healthcare Organizations to Reimagine the Revenue Cycle

Two senior leaders at R1 talk about the advantages of working with an innovative revenue cycle partner that offers technology-enabled revenue cycle and patient experience services.