October 2019

Cover story

Trend | Revenue Cycle

Hospitals innovate to control labor costs

Hospital labor costs have steadily increased amid consumerism and other trends, but some organizations are finding new ways to address the challenge.


How To | Medicare Payment and Reimbursement

3 starter steps for health systems pursuing value-based contracts

A health system's ability to succeed under any of the new Medicare value-based payment programs will depend on how effectively it meets 3 strategic imperatives for effective performance in risk contracts.

How To | Bundled Payment

7 keys to engaging physicians for success under BPCI-A

Physician engagement is a critical success factor for health systems that are pursuing bundled payment initiatives.


Column | Healthcare Reform

1,000 rural hospitals could close

From the Chair: If a public option for healthcare were to be enacted into law, the consequences would likely be severe for the nation's rural hospitals.

Trend | Healthcare Reform

What’s the outlook for prescription drug price legislation given the bipartisan efforts underway

Eye on Washington: There appears to be bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate for legislation aimed at addressing the issue of high prescription drub prices.

Column | Leadership

Leaders can be true allies in the workplace

Having leaders who know how to be true allies to staff is crucial to establishing a positive and productive workplace environment.

Column | Partnerships and Value

Why we need a ‘big tent’ approach to healthcare integration

Integration: The definition of healthcare integration should be expanded to encompass many different players performing a broad array of services, with a diversity of business models, to deliver value top diverse populations.

Column | Innovation and Disruption

Why re-evaluating past decisions can save health systems big money

Healthcare Innovation: A comprehensive look at past initiatives can help make way for true innovation.

How To | Capital Finance

6 strategies to lower current debt costs

Capital Finance: Six strategies to capture savings deserve consideration by finance teams and in-depth analyses based on the organization’s unique capital structure goals and objectives.

Column | Transparency

Consumerism strategies: now, near and far

From the President: HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer outlines strategies for addressing consumerism in three time frames simultaneously.


News | Leadership

HFMA's new online community can help members solve daily challenges

Inside HFMA: HFMA's community is an online gathering place where members can exchange ideas.

Column | Staff Development

Region 8 conference attendees focus on overcoming obstacles

Chapter News: Healthcare finance professionals learned how to succeed in an obstacle-filled world at HFMA’s Region 8 annual Mid America Summer Institute conference.

News | Leadership Skills Development

Missouri Chapter embarks on Enterprise membership ‘road show’

Enterprise News: HFMA's Greater Heartland Chapter has embarked on an initiative to educate its new Enterprise members about the benefit's of membership in the Association.

News | Healthcare Business Trends

October 2019: Developments and trends shaping healthcare finance

News Watch: News stories about recent developments and trends shaping healthcare finance in the United States.

News | Leadership

Homegrown innovation: How Judy Faulkner built her Epic enterprise

Joe Fifer, HFMA president and CEO, talks with Judy Faulkner, creator of Epic, about what it takes to build and run a company.

Trend | Bad Debt and Charity Care Reporting

Bad debt expense benchmarks: U.S. acute care hospitals show improvements since 2015

Data Trends: Bad debt expense as a percentage of revenue for U.S. hospitals declined from 2015 through 2018.

Column | Staff Development

Former HFMA Chair Kari Cornicelli joins Phoenix Children's

People: A glimpse of Kari Cornicelli accomplishments and updates about other healthcare finance professionals.


Executive Roundtable | Partnerships and Value

Information imperatives for successful payer-provider collaboration

A roundtable of payer and provider leaders examines the importance of transparent communication, relationship-building and robust data sharing amid the transition to value-based care.

Business Profile | Healthcare Business Trends

Why AMCs must work in the “Now, Near and Far” for overall success

Senior financial leaders in academic medical centers (AMCs) discuss the role of the AMC in healthcare’s future and the importance of keeping current, future, and long-range priorities in mind.

Trendsetter | Healthcare Business Trends

CommerceHealthcare: Optimizing Payment Receipt to Improve Cash Flow and Reduce Error

In this article, CommerceHealthcare® discusses how it marries financial foresight with healthcare insight to help clients rethink and improve receivables management, payment services and patient loan financing and lending processes.

Trend | Chargemaster

Holliday & Associates: Comprehensive Charge Management Software

A charge management company discusses how it helps clients successfully manage charge processes, comply with changing coding and regulatory requirements, eliminate charge-related compliance risks and ensure accurate and appropriate reimbursement.