Column | Staff Development

HFMA recognizes 31 members for lifetime member status

Column | Staff Development

HFMA recognizes 31 members for lifetime member status

Retired Members in good standing who have shown outstanding Chapter accomplishments are eligible to become Chapter Life Members of HFMA. Following approval by the Chapter’s Board, the Chapter President sends HFMA a letter affirming those conditions have been met. The Chapter then pays the member's annual dues for five years, after which all further dues are waived. HFMA's Regional Executive Council and Board of Directors have approved 31 members for this status for FY19.

Maria S. Abrahamsen Eastern Michigan Chapter
Roxann L. Arnold Georgia Chapter
Jeffrey G. Blumengold, FHFMA, CPA Metropolitan New York Chapter
Mary Kay Boudewyns, FHFMA New Hampshire-Vermont Chapter
Elizabeth Carnevale Metropolitan New York Chapter
Peggy J. Cary, FHFMA, CPA South Texas Chapter
Dianna L. Cesa West Virginia Chapter
Dennis J. Coffey, FHFMA, CPA South Carolina Chapter
Joseph F. Corfits, FHFMA Iowa Chapter
Herbert F. Crum, FHFMA, CPA Arkansas Chapter
Susan S. Cunningham West Virginia Chapter
Margaret A. Deming, FHFMA, CPA South Texas Chapter
Paul D. Garrett, CPA Mississippi Chapter
Virginia M. Goldbach, FHFMA, CPA Western Pennsylvania Chapter
Greg A. Gombar, CPA North Carolina Chapter
Martha B. Hemphill Mississippi Chapter
William D. Keckan, CPA Northeast Ohio Chapter
Gary R. Kijanka Western Pennsylvania Chapter
Thomas Lenkowski New Hampshire-Vermont Chapter
Bruce K. Liebel, FHFMA Western New York Chapter
Sharon M. Lucian, FHFMA Hudson Valley NY Chapter
Robert H. Lux, FHFMA, CPA Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter
Gail A. Miesner, FHFMA Southern Illinois Chapter
Stephen M. Moore, CPA North Carolina Chapter
Marsha L. Morien, FHFMA Nebraska Chapter
James W. Petty, FHFMA Metropolitan New York Chapter
Ronald A. Snyder, FHFMA McMahon-Illini Chapter
Christoph Stauder, FHFMA, CPA Oregon Chapter
Roger W. Stroud North Carolina Chapter
Dwight W. Thompson, CPA, FHFMA North Dakota Chapter
Barbara J. Voight, FHFMA Hudson Valley NY Chapter

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