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On Demand Webinar | Basic | Finance and Business Strategy
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On Demand Webinar | Basic | Finance and Business Strategy
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The new hfm is (re)designed to help you get what you need faster and easier

News | Finance and Business Strategy

The new hfm is (re)designed to help you get what you need faster and easier

The team behind hfm has introduced a next-level design that makes for a magazine that’s easier to read and more useful than ever. Welcome to the roaring ’20s!

If you’re a regular reader of hfm, you saw a significant evolution of our content throughout 2019. Driven by a simple desire to better serve, inform and engage our members, we set out to improve the experience with our content. I’ve received many phone calls and emails, and even run into members at HFMA events who are eager to share what they like about recent changes.

Shorter, more to the point articles. More practical and actionable expert-reviewed articles. More news about the HFMA community, including our Chapters, Enterprise members and what’s happening at the national level. More people news. More real-time news and policy developments. The addition of photos — lots of them — isn’t lost on anyone. And my personal favorite addition: Cover stories featuring healthcare finance superstars from across the country.

But as the content improved in 2019, the old design became increasingly restrictive, so last June we set out to complete a world-class redesign of hfm. We wanted a beautiful, contemporary publication HFMA members would be proud of. A magazine that looks like it belongs on the newsstand with the best national business publications. And I think we have it.

With this first edition of the 2020s, I’m  pleased to unveil our next-level hfm design. Here are a few benefits of the new design worth pointing out.

Easier to read. If you’re like me and need your Word docs at about 115%, this magazine is for you. Any good redesign prioritizes readability ahead of all else, and it was front and center with this revamp. Starting with a bigger, bolder body typeface, you should find all our type — from front to back — much more reader friendly.

Easier to navigate. With the old format, it could be especially hard to find your way to the content you wanted most. With the new hfm, you’ll find many more “sign posts” to help you. From an easier to follow index, to creating four distinct sections, to improved labeling, it’s all built so you can quickly find what you need. I especially love the website-style menu buttons in the sections that help keep you oriented.

More visuals. Who doesn’t like looking at pictures? And charts and graphs? We’ll continue adding more photos, more graphics and more bite-sized chunks of information to help you get to the point more efficiently.

While we’re proud of this upgrade, I think of the January 2020 edition of hfm as a starting line rather than a finish line. We’ll continue to evolve to inform you while being respectful of your time, not just in the magazine, but through all our digital channels — website, e-newsletters and social media. With every new edition, the hfm staff will be trying to top its last edition. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this first edition of the 2020s, and sincerely, I welcome your calls and emails with feedback. 

About the Author

Brad Denison

is a longtime media executive who joined HFMA as director of content strategy in February 2019. 


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